Blade Runner 2049 Valentine?

One of the most debated topics about the movie Blade Runner 2049 is the relationship/love story between K and Joi. My boyfriend and I debated this over and over again. In my opinion Joi and K’s love is real, he thinks the opposite. For Valentine’s Day I want to send him a card with this picture from the movie. What caption should I put at the bottom? I was thinking something like
“ Just like them, my love for you is definitely real”.
If you have an idea of a caption please comment! Blade Runner 2049 Valentine?


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  • Joi was nobody special in any way, shape, or form. As the movie later reveals, she was just a computer program with the sole purpose of doing whatever you want, and saying what you want to hear. In other words, her affection for K was completely artificial because the program was reacting to him.

    Because of K's job, he is extremely lonely and has no friends to speak of other than his Joi. She's his only positive interaction in his life, so he thinks he "loves" her, and to an extent it might be real to him, but it's not a two-way street.

    • I would concur, the feeling was real, but the relationship wasn't. While I agree that connection is important, K was probably one of the loneliest people in movie history.

      His only real connection was with an AI designed for people like him, the only woman who ever had feelings for him was probably the police chick, and even then, that was more of a professional relationship than anything else, and he threw that away, used the stripper chick for Joi, and even paused for a moment in front of a sign. His memories? Fake. His relationship? One-sided. Job? Brutal police officer until THAT got ruined. Friends? Forget about it. Let's face it, this guy has no social skills whatsoever, the only thing that's noteworthy about him are his combat skills.

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  • I don’t find the movie very romantic, there are other movies that are tho lol

    • That’s because it’s not meant to be

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  • "Our love will always be as real as Joy & k's"
    "I'll always be there in good and bad times"
    "If I wouldn't be capable of being with you physically for whatever the reason, I would want to still be there as a hologram so you don't feel alone"

    • Thanks! The hologram one is actually a good idea because my boyfriend is in the military so we have a long distance relationship!

  • "I love you to 1024 bits/s"

    As far as Bladerunner goes, love can't be real or fake because you'll need an objective definition of love to determine if it's true. If for you love is willingness to sacrifice yourself for the one you love - then yes, their love is real. If you define love as a spiritual force, then no - machines can't love. In a sense you can both be right depending on what love is.

  • There isn't "love" there at all. There is acceptance and desperation.

    • Not totally look for a K/joi love debate lol. Was more looking for a cute comment to a card. I guess you can’t leave a comment if you don’t believe. K was not your average replicant. He crossed the boundaries of what a replicant should be able to feel/do. Why is it not acceptable that Joi went beyond her programming? Joi’s actions proved she was not the average Joe model. Replicants technically should not be able to feel love, yet K expressed in many ways he loved her.
      Who are we to put a definition a real love anyway? Most people now don’t even understand real love.

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    • One created for AIs

    • Lol uh... sure. That would be fun.

  • If that is real then your toasters love is real

    • Other than making me some delicious toast, my toaster has don’t nothing to prove it loves me. You do realize that K isn’t human right? Technically K is a bioengineered human like toaster - or an Android.
      Yet the movie gave this android this android the ability to feel human emotions that he shouldn’t be able too. Why can’t Joi go beyond her programming, and feel?

    • So what if you copied her or him and now you have two of them which one is the real one? Are they both real? Later in the movie we saw the same exact Joi model in the street saying the her exact lines again. Simulated human emotions are still that they are simulated not real. I am a big fan of the ethics in the subject and the philosophy of it which is why i loved Westworld a lot but a robot or an app like Siri will have to dooooooooo a lot to convince me they are genuinely alive and not simulated

    • I liked this quote a lot from Westworld
      “that which is real is irreplaceable”

  • very sad

  • When Joi got destroyed I felt a pang of heartbreak. Even though she was just a machine/hologram the connection seemed to go deep enough.

    I’m glad K got his revenge at the end by drowning that bitch.

  • Don't tell him that your love is just like them if he thinks their love is not real. It would just make him think your love is a lie.

    • Maybe just write you might not think their love is real but our love is definitely real or they are cute be we are cuter.

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  • I prefer the original blade runner, it’s a true sci-fi classic/ masterpiece but the remake is very decent especially when it comes to the cinematography.

    Anyways I don’t think their love is real because it’s one sided, she was made to tell him what he wants to hear and she isn’t a person do it’s complicated.


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