What all did you enjoy playing with when younger?

I had a lot of toys so other kids always came over to play but would fck my room up and then I’d have to clean it up alone. I hated that! But yea, I personally enjoyed
Barbie dolls (polly pocket, my scene, bratz, flavas, little people, etc) and they had a bunch of bigass houses and nice rides
Baby dolls hence why i’ve always wanted to be a mom so young and so badly lol
Marble sets in which i’d build tall azz towers and watch em trickle down
Legos like the medium size blocks cause the little ones were annoying and the big ones just werent fun
Word search puzzles in which I was and still am speedy at finding shit
Rubiks cubes were cool too
Barbie scooter/skateboard combo but sucked ass at it
Barbie jeep and thats the best driving I've done in my entire life lol
Robot dog because I’m slick controlling and thats about the only pet i’d be comfortable around lol
Bop It, Twister, Life, Uno, Lite Brite, Checkers, and Chutes and Ladders were my games
Easy bake oven and well yea i always knew cookin wouldn't be my thing lol but i rocked the barbie chef stove
Hot wheelz sets and cars
—Block like trainset and the mobile one that goes around the Christmas tree
Beyblades and waffleblocks
Bike but wasn't the most outdoorsy so I’d let my mom pedal and i’d ride in the shaded wagon in the back lol
American girl and Marykate & Ashley merchandise
—I always wanted a huge netted trampoline but we never got one
—I had a deck of cards and started dealing early and having the kids gamble toys with me at like age 5 lmao
—I also had a mini atm bank toy from Fisher Price or sumn but i still don’t trust the bank lol. That machine wouldn't give me my money back so I beat it with a hammer
—I had one of the baddest supersoakers water guns and used to take everyone out except for my childhood crush Bo. It just wasn't in my heart to hit him. Instead i’d let him chase me and then we’d both passout and pump our asthma inhalers lmao
What all did you enjoy playing with when younger?
What all did you enjoy playing with when younger?
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Anyone remember these from elementary school/pe class? We use to skate, surf, swim, and roll over eachothers foot lmao
What all did you enjoy playing with when younger?
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