Do celebs have the right to be rude to paparazzis or they are just doing their job?


This is the issue. Celebs are public figure 100%, they chose to become actors or actresses and being a celeb comes with many CONS and the main one is: loose of privacy. The videos above are from some years ago of actor Chris Pine at the airport, trying to be a normal dude like you or me. I feel sorry for him.

They are very aware that being a celeb they are scrutinized from head to toe for everything in theri lives private and public ones. They know what they got involved with when they decided to become an entertainer for the masses and the public who enjoys watching their jobs on small or big screen and earn money and profit from it that is their job that is they wanted to become an entertainer,.

Due to the loose of privacy they have to know maturely how to deal with it it comes with the territory. Each celeb have their own staff of personal management who manage their work and image (agents, representatives, lawyers, publicists) and taht is a lot of money but celebs can pay them to keep their public image good as much as they can.

Now but when the public life meddles with their private life is when paparazzis go and hunt them beause it is a guilty pleasure for many to see what their beloved or admired celebs do on their private life, when they are no longer actors, but regular mortals and regulars joes like you and me and to see if they are just like you and me who are not actors, not on public entertainemtn events ( awards shows, press junkets, movie premieres, charity events or any other event when the celebs are in public).

But sometimes these paps go beyond of just take a picture they hunt them and even a regular joe could be pissed the way paps work (not regular photographers) that is when these celebs get rude to them punch them, are disrespectful, yell etc etc. to leave them alone. I mean even if it is not a celeb, would you also get angry if something like that could happen to you or your family? So are these celebs right to be disrespectful?

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Some people say, celebs should not be acting like gorillas hitting people because they are public figures and know the business they got themselves into, they have to be polite at least or dont pay attention.

Others say no, celebs have the right to have their personal lives too, they are humans just like you and me, they also deal with personal issues, health issues, money issues, legal issues, like any other person in this planet, only that their jobs are exposed to the public 100% unlike
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other jobs taht are not taht publickly exposed (celebs, countrys president, etc etc). Some celebs are polite for sure when phographers or dumb reporters are like hunting them and blind them with their cameras (poor celebs) and just ignore them, are respecful do not hit or punch and stay quiet and go on their way (still an uncomfortable moment being chased and even more when some "so called" reporters ask the dumbest questions ever). Others do hit and said bad words.

Do celebs have the right to be rude to paparazzis or they are just doing their job?
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