What do we think of the drawing?


I'm having a picture drawn of me and my dad drinking milkshakes for his birthday since me and him tried to make them when I was little but didn't realize you needed to soak the fruit in sugar first.

So this is the cleaned up line art but what do we think so far the artist drawing it for me is https://twitter.com/the15sartstudio?t=p1038aVmbChImNUdWvj1Yg&s=09

What do we think of the drawing?
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Everyone please understand I'm not the one drawing this I hired someone to draw it so please stop assigning credit to me the artist that draw it
Goes by @the15sartstudio on Twitter I normally pay her through KO-FI I left a link to her Twitter in the question Incase somone wanted to see more of her work but I'll leave a link to her KO-FI as well I really want everyone to understand that I'm not the artist https://ko-fi.com/thefifteens_artstudio
What do we think of the drawing?
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