11 Ways To Spot A Frenemy: Do You Have A Frenemy?

Do You Have A Frenemy

Hi guys and girls!!!! Today I will be covering some ways to spot a fake friend. A Frenemy is someone one identifies themselves as a friend but they are actually your worst enemy. They will come across as very friendly but demonstrate signs of resentment, jealousy, envy, and hate. I lost a friendship of ten years because she was a frenemy. The only thing I wish I could have changed was the time I spent in that friendship. She sought to destroy me and I almost allowed it until I learned the difference between a friend and foe. So hopefully this take will help you spot a frenemy. Please tell me about your frenemy in comments. If I left out anything out from this list please leave your examples. Let's gets started:

1. Never Happy For You

" I Could Be Happy For You But I Am Not"

Did you just win the lottery? Anyone would be happy for you and celebrate your luck but not a Frenemy. This person will manage to find something wrong with any good news. Their response will sound like "Good for you too bad you have to pay all those taxes and don't get the actual dollar amount." Nothing you do will ever be good enough to impress this person.

2. Don't Listen

"I Am Sorry What Did You Say? I Wasn't Listening"

Do you have a friend who manages to talk for hours and you never get a real chance to speak. This person does not care about anything you have to say and will constantly cut you off, change the subject back to themselves, or make excuses to get off the phone whenever you are talking. For example, have you ever been on the phone listening to a friend talk and as soon as they finish, suddenly they have to get off the phone? You only listened to their problems and didn't even talk about yours. You never do. Then when they do decide to listen, it's unresponsive and dull. For example, they will start talking to other people while still on the phone with you, play music, literally stop listening and ask you to repeat, or say "that's crazy" after every sentence.

3. Very Critical

"Why Are You Always Crying? It's Annoying"

A Frenemy will find fault anywhere and with anything. They will have an opinion about everything. Did you lose 15 lbs and buy a new outfit just for your bestie to say "ehhh people would like you better if you were skinnier". This person is perfect at manipulating you into feeling inadequate. If you feel constant criticism coming from a negative place then it is a red flag to not ignore. "You Are Not Pretty Enough"

4. Sabotage

"Please Just Hold This, Nothing Will Happen"

The Frenemy will attempt to ruin you if given the opportunity. They will try to get you fired from jobs, kill your other friendships, end your romantic relationships, cause chaos within your family, steal opportunities, steal belongings, etc. They want to see you fail by any means necessary.

5. Gossip Queen/King

"Did You Hear What She Has Done Now?"

The Frenemy will attempt to skew others views of you. They will say anything to make you look like an undesirable human being. They will exaggerate stories you told in confidence, lie about you, start rumors, etc. They do not want you to be seen in a positive light and will do anything to ruin your reputation or social status.

6. Compulsive Liar

"I Like lying Because I Am Manipulating You Into Believing It"

The Frenemy will lie and exaggerate any story to get close to you. They will tell you anything to get close enough to you. They will lie and say they have the same interests or commonalities to create a false connection. You will constantly catch them lying and whenever you bring it up they make you the bad guy.

7. One Upper

"Let Me Explain Why My Experience Is Better And Worse Than Yours"

This type will respond to any of your experiences or problems by telling a similar story that either has a more fantastic ending or a more catastrophic ending. This is their attempt to let you know that they are better than you. They think they make better choices, experience things better, etc.

8. Never Apologize

" Sorry Not Sorry"

The Frenemy will never apologise. No matter how wrong they are they will never acknowledge fault and never take accountability for how they make people feel. This type has a hard time intaking new information.

9. Unreliable/Disappoints

"Now You See Me, And Now You Don't"

This Frenemy can not be trusted or depended on. They are incredibly flaky. They will make and cancel plans randomly. They are never available when you need them. And they have no problem letting you down.

10. Arrogant/Conceited

"Please Stop Talking About Yourself And Let's Talk About Me"

This Frenemy is typically a narcissist. They only love themselves. They will critique anything and always have an opinion on something. They have grandiose sense of self and inflated ego.

11. CopyCat

"I Will Be You For Now"

This Frenemy wishes to be you. They will take notes, stalk social media, and will ask you imposing questions to help create the best duplicate version they can.

"Keep Your Eyes Open For The Frenemy And Speak Up"

Thank you guys for stopping by and leaving feedback. If you would like any follow up mytakes for clarification please let me know.

This is a NEGATIVE FREE ZONE!!!! So be kind to one another and spread joy. If you have personal questions or off topic questions please direct message them. I will not be answering them on public posts. Thanks for understanding and respecting my privacy!!!!! Disclaimer: I do not own or profit off of the Illustrations utilized in this post. Please give credit to the artists and support their works by giving a like or a follow to their pages. They are extremely talented and deserve recognition. Sending ☮️ and love.

Have A Wonderful COLORFUL Day

11 Ways To Spot A Frenemy: Do You Have A Frenemy?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • TarrAva

    Excellent myTake and thanks for sharing it with us.

    It is my belief that there is a potential dormant frenemy in each of us, just like a very large number of us have the bacteria responsible for cold sore ( herpes simplex virus (HSV-1)) but that never breaks out.

    I would even go that far as to pretend that the rate of potential frenemies is higher among girls than boys.

    Girls tend to be more emotional than rational. Emotions are the catalyst for outbreaks of many fights and disagreements. A girl is more likely to be jealous of another girl's complexion, size, general appearance or success than a guy.

    When this jealousy turns into hatred because of whatever reason, then the frenemy seed that is sleeping becomes active.

    But, I am not saying that this jealousy is solely the fate of girls. No, boys can also be victims. However, boys tend to settle things with their fists rather with words. But words can cause so much more harm than fists because words hit your emotions and those take a long time to heal.

    Keep those myTakes coming!

    • Yay!!! Thanks for the feedback it's gladly appreciated 💗💗💗

    • TarrAva

      Thanks for the indirect MHO.

      Even though it is GAG assigned, it was thanks to your excellent myTake.

    • Lol no probs. 💗💗💗💗

Most Helpful Guys

  • jayden888

    Sad but true... I have a lot of frenemies. I've had quiet a few experiences where "friends" lied, flatter me for nothing, tell me I'm only good for certain things and shouldn't think beyond that, gaslighted me, said shit to me about others and told me "but I don't say bad things about you to others".

    I hate to play the victim, and certainly my experiences have been better than so many other peoples, so I'm very happy overall.

    But as I read your post, I was just hitting check boxes for many people I know. I'm still friends with many of these people, but they always pretend to be there, when something good happens (my graduation for instance), they are nowhere to be seen, nowhere to congratulate me.

    • Well written and said. ♥️🥰

  • ColoradoKid

    I had a person like that in my life. She helped break me and my last girlfriend up. My X said that it was a friend that we had in common but she was no longer friends with. Well I pried so hard that she finally told me. It was the lady that had done my pedicures for about 11 years. I thought we were friends and she had even made it to my late wife's funeral. The second I found out I text her and told her that she was wrong in getting in the middle of my relationship and that I would never speak or see her again. Its been almost 4 years and if I seen her trying to change a tire in the snow I would pass on by.


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  • monkeynutts

    Unfortunately 90% of the human race will fit into these categories, because we are a constant state of competition, capitalism is designed to put people against each other. And most people are fine just to treat their fellow man good for when they can use you to get something, but once they are finished or done, wham bam thankyou mam, fuck off.

    • Thanks for the feedback ♥️🥰

  • derek2017

    im pretty sure all of these things would make him a bully! and i dont deal well with these kind of people! That said I had a "friend" that was somewhat like that but he was being more competitive than wanting me to fail, in other words he just wanted to win no matter if i fail or not but now he is blocked , and after i told his friends what he is really like most of them blocked him too

    • Thanks so much for reading ♥️♥️♥️

  • ChocolateBrowny

    If you tried to find the perfect human being you’ll find they have a mental disorder. Either you compromise or you’ll end up with someone who has anxiety and worries about too many things. I love my anxious girl but it’s very hard to get her to do anything!

  • NineBreaker

    Very interesting take. Personally, I've never experienced that before. Either I consider this so-called "frenemy" as an enemy-proper, then stay away, or I'm too dense to realize that a "friend" is actually an enemy.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback ♥️♥️♥️

  • lightbulb27

    Green Day should sing a song about that. Real friends have your back, can trust. Frienemy is a trauma case dispensing their distortion upon us. More like a leech?

  • Thatgal4426

    I have family members who are like this yet wonder why they are failures. Theyre so occupied with bringing down others they dont have time to fix their own lives

  • Daniel3035

    lol story of my life every "friend" I have has a frenemy in the group and those friends always side with the frenemy.

    • Thanks for the feedback ❤️❤️❤️

  • Y3llow

    Nope. My enemies know where they stand and know we're not friends

  • No_Archons

    These are good general signs but overall too vague. Many frenemies will apologize as much as they need to to keep you fooled

  • young_old_soul

    I don't have any currently, but I've had problems with them several times in the past.

  • Prof_Don

    I had some of these in college , thankfully I realized the signs early and kept my distance.

    • Amazing 😍 Thanks for sharing ♥️♥️♥️

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    Hello there , Thank you for sharing your MyTake with us
    yes i know lot people especially my cousins who have Frenemies
    this one particular girl talks nice to my cousin but at the same
    time she says things that aren't nice this girl even said stuff about
    me i just stay away from these type of people all we can do is pray
    for them and hope for the best me and my late Mom had few people
    who were Frenemies that we had to let go cause of their behavior
    it's shame we have to deal with evil people but it happens. 😇🙏

    • Thanks so much for the feedback. It's gladly appreciated. 💗💗💗

    • You're Very Welcome :) :-P :-D <3 <3 <3

  • Kayla45

    I've had more arguments with my female friends and fallouts with them than any guy I've been friends with. Women take things so personal that if you do one thing wrong they will remember it forever and judge you for it. It sucks.

  • Zerstörer

    That last image

  • TallMaria90

    I know people like this their related to me my aunt and she manipulator.

  • jessture

    Only women waste their time with this level of bullshit drama... what a joke.

    Grow up, you're not 13 anymore

  • Apope16

    All my friends are frenemies.

  • I'm a frenemy

  • sean1234

    #8 hits a little to close to home.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback ❤️🥰

  • AmANiceGuy

    I currently don't had any. Had'em in the past tho.

    • Thanks so much for reading. I really appreciate it ♥️♥️♥️

  • bush123

    thats FACTS

  • humanearth

    Oh yeah I know many of that type of person

  • Actually I am not