Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

How old were you when you first remember a fairy tale that was read to you?

Did the fable make any long lasting impression on you?

Were you fascinated by it? ...did it bring pleasant dreams and memories? ...or did "The Brothers Grimm" cause you sleepless days, weeks or months for years to come?

Here are the Many Lessons I Learned from childhood Fairy Tales that I want to share with you ...not all may be what you are expecting! :)

Now, hold on tight to the reins of your pumpkin coach we go!

Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!


Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

Oh yes, "The Big Bad Wolf!" ...let's never forget what has become "The Master of Deception" in the world of folklore and fairy tale stories.

And let's also never forget that not everyone is always who they seem. And, of course, we know that to be especially true on social media I right? ...but what about in the world we live in every day?

Yes, even in real life we may find that who we once thought was our prince charming, had their sheep's clothing on when we met them. Then after some time we received our "Little Red Riding Hood" experience and found out that they were really the Big Bad Wolf in disguise ...are you still with me?

Most are unaware of the real "Little Red Riding Hood" story.

In truth, the original story, as penned by Charles Perrault in 1600's France in a story collection called "Mother Goose Tales", was a folklore for centuries in mid-evil Europe, since modified many times, and was a much much darker tale than what we know it as today.

Oh, and by the way, the nurse of Charles Perrault's son, who took care of him, telling him many bedtime stories, was in real life known, with much affection, as "Mother Goose". I thought you might like that :)

It was of imperative importance in those days, much as it still exists today, to warn little children of the dangers that lurk out and about, away from the protections of their loving parents, siblings and the familiar surroundings of the local town village, to let them know that not all adults are whom they may first appear to be ...NO, NOT AT ALL!

What do we really find the "Big Bad Wolfe" doing? He is observing the innocence and helplessness of Little Red as she joyfully skips along the tree lined path to loving and caring Grandma's house, unaware of the dangers that could be lurking around every bend of her trail.

Soon, she is at Grandmother's house, but the wolf has beat her there, has eaten her grandmother and is lying in Grandmother's bed awaiting Little Red, as his next, and most desired, and delicious, young victim.

Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

As previously stated - Little Red Riding Hood was meant to be a metaphor to warn young children of the dangers that could await them should they go wandering off alone on their own.

Shockingly, in the oldest, most original, versions of Red, she is even told by the wolf, who is disguised as her Grandmother, to remove her clothes and get into bed. She complies, at which time she is then raped by the Big Bad Wolf. No, I am not kidding! ...again, this is a warning of what could, and in those days, as now, would potentially happen to girls wandering off alone!


Lesson 1; Many dangers lurk about us. Those who seek after young girls, and even boys, are not always filled with the best intent.The concept of evil is so hard to comprehend in the innocence of youth.

Lesson 2; What you see, is not always what you get. Stay far away from strangers and watch out for those in disguise, only then will you see that there may actually be a wolf inside waiting to pounce on you :)


Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

OMG! ...where to start? There are so some many life's lessons in this one!

First, how to pick your true friends. Are they always the most beautiful and perfect people that you ever will ever meet?

Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey could you possibly ask for a more bizarre cast of characters chosen by Ms Snow?

First, we have Doc who is goofy in his own way;

Grumpy who is ...well you know;

Happy who is always smiling who ever does that 24/7 ...right?;

Sleepy who is, well ...lazy;

Bashful, who is ...well, again know :) ;

Sneezy - now who wants to be around someone like this I right?;

Finally we have Dopey where was he when brains were handed out?

...and these are the misfit friends that are going to save you from a most certain death that a powerful and jealous queen has planned for you? ...really?

Yes!! I would pick these types to be my "real" friends over many of the "nose in the air" types that are your friend as long as they can get something from you, but when the going gets rough, they are nowhere to be found!

Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

Now you are poisoned by the queen who was suppose to be your guardian and protect you, right?

Proverbs 27:4 “Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous; but who is able to stand before envy?”

The queen has become enraged after being told that only Snow White is more beautiful than she is. So now she experiences envy, covetousness, hatred and jealousy, which all culminated into a fit of revenge. Revenge against an innocent girl who has truly meant her, or no one else any harm, but indeed loves the queen as her stepmother and legal guardian.

Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

Of course, how could we ever forget "Prince Charming", the boy every girl has dreamt about to rescue her in time of need ...right? Is there really a Prince Charming? Does he even exist?

I have asked this question here on GAG and it is amazing how many different answers you get. I thought I found my Prince Charming once, but indeed, he rode away into the sunset on his steed without me. But I will never give up, I know he is out there somewhere.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Is there no end to the extent of cruelty in the hearts of those overcome with pride? ...but good will win out in the end!

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall. Philippians 4:8 ...whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.


Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

INNOCENCE: Freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil

Yes, the epitome of innocence! Two young children, brother and sister, lost in the woods, as unaware of the dangers that could surround them as was Little Red Riding Hood.

In the original story of Hansel and Gretel, we find another wicked woman involved. A step-mother that is annoyed by the offspring of a husband that she wants to get rid of his children after a famine strikes so that they will no longer have to feed them. A selfish and greedy vixen who relentlessly nags her husband to abandon his children in the woods so they can live a more carefree life to themselves during this nation wide time of famine.

Finally, the father succumbs to her psychological battering and off they go into the woods. Hansel and Gretel are left to fend for themselves, but after first overhearing the stepmothers plan, Hansel leaves a trail of white pebbles and they are able to find their way back home.

Again, the stepmother convinces her husband a second time and this time they succeed and the children are hopelessly lost in the woods.

There are so many lessons to this point, but the story does not end there, not by any means!

Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

Alas, trying to find their way home once again the children stumble across a most peculiar residence made of bread, cake and sugar. Starving by this time, they begin eating from the house when the evil witch, pretending to be a nice old lady, comes out and invites them in for a meal, then traps them in the house where she enslaves them and fattens them up to be eaten by her in the days to come.

Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

What must have been the conditions in the 18th and 19th centuries for fairy tales like this one, and the others, to have been written in order to scare young children and warn them of the dangers lurking about all around them? ...I can not imagine, but it is not a pretty picture that comes to mind!

In the end, the children trick the witch into the oven she was preparing for them and she is destroyed.

Then, after finding a vast treasure in the witches den, they find their way back home to the open arms of a guilt ridden father, who's wife has since died, and live happily ever after.

Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

Lesson 1; Yes, wickedness can be all around us, even from the ones we once thought we could trust and rely on.

Lesson 2; Perseverance is the secret of all triumphs! When all looks hopeless, KEEP GOING, KEEP TRYING! "NEVER GIVE UP"!


There are many lessons in life worth learning. Some we learn the easy way and some are much harder and come with heartache, heart break and disappointment. But, in the end, these lessons can teach us so much about how to survive in what can sometimes be a hard and cruel world.

Protect your children from evil and teach them the lessons that will help them to survive and thrive throughout their lifetime.

Thank you so much for reading this myTake always ...I LOVE YOU!

Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!
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  • Jjpayne
    This is amazing!!! So good!!! This is the kind of writing is like to see in a real book with all the fairy tales and what you can learn from them! Good work!! I would not mind to see part two :)
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    • You are so kind, as always!

      Yes, I wanted to add more but then it is too long for most to read so I do want to do a part 2 sometime.

      Thank you!

    • Jjpayne

      It was a fun and interesting read

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you :) I look forward to your next one :)

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  • Nice222
    I loved reading this. Thanks
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    • It takes a lot of time to put a myTake together and is always so nice to know that someone likes it :)

      Thank you so much!

    • JK10777


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  • broken_heart_at_48
    I'm sure my mother or somebody read to me but I honestly don't. My mother had a difficult time when I was young she had a lot on her plate. I did though read all of them to my girls when they were little and the funny thing is I would always try and relate things to warn them about the dangers of life and right and wrong. I had no idea of any of the back story or meanings of them. Interesting read for sure. Thank you
    • You're welcome.

      Thank you for reading and enjoying my post! :)

    just the story of the little red hen. too many want to eat the bread. and dont want to help make the bread.
  • Anoniemus
    Plenty of Fairy tales have horrible content as well and bad content in general. Why would Snow White take food from a stranger? There’s ageism in which only young women can be considered beautiful. And sexism in which out dated gender roles are implied as being what should occur.

    You can learn from Fairy Tales but it can be good and bad.
  • soleil2666
    I was separated from my mom really young.
    Then brought back. Then separated again.
    We've been playing that game for thousands of years.
    She always knew what and how I felt about it. And about her.
    It's the girl logic. That non-existent connection we all live off. And on.
  • razelove
    I think I learned less from fairy tales and more from the jacked up things I saw go on around me
  • 1stranger
    I have read only the lessons and conclusion of this article (I've already learned English the day I can read and understand it all😆).
    The effect on me is this,

    Something happened to you.
    This post and thoughts are a first for you.
    Something or someone has affected you a lot.
    Something happened to you.
    You're in a transformation right now.
    Weird. Don't understand.

    Today I think it's my day of not understanding. I didn't understand anything correctly.
    I misunderstood some.
    Some misunderstood me.
  • Golden_shine
    Seriously we are making kids soft. When they find out that people are not good and no one going to safe them then they will suffer. Most of the people are bad guys and few are good. I think fairytale should be for adults to sleep with hopes which is in dream but not in reality.
    • Many were originally written to simply warn children of danger.

      That is good :)

  • JK10777
    I think Bambi was the first Disney to get me good and Lion King was chalked full of lessons that have been made known to every sweet soul from getting lost to found.
  • the_sinner
    The only thing I really read is "I LOVE YOU" LOL.

    Kidding. I was almost 4 when my mom started telling me fairy tales after dinner and I enjoyed them a lot and they also helped me sleep better.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Yes. All 3 of them I've heard of and are glad you've learnt things from each of them. I wish I could have learned some things from them too.

  • DizziBlond369
    I agree!
    • Good! ... now you can read it... lol

    • Actually I did read it! It’s always been a favorite subject of mine what fairy tales actually teach us. Not quite so sweet and innocent but rather as complex and twisted as real life