If you happen to live across your grandmother who is a senior lady, Would you help her if she asks for it?

I mean like doing some errands, beause she has a limited mobility for a issue in one of her legs or any other kind of help where a younger person can help her. You may ask why the layds kids can't help her. Well I mean that in the case she needs help because her kids are not present.

Let me bring a case. I have an aunt who is 81 years old from some years now she has a problem in one of her knees (she has no cartilage anymore) so her mobility is limited and now she basically is in a wheel chair. She lives with her husband who can walk and drive and he is already retired. Just across their house lives their son (my cousin) with their grandson who is 19yrs old. The son does not have a car anyway and she commute to places by Uber. He has a girlfriend. The son father is a legal assistant and constantly he is not at home due to his job so he leaves his son alone at home. His son is studying to become a chef but most of the time he spends his time at home, just across his grandparents. Due to the issue with my aunt and now with the pandemic, my aunt barely goes out so most of the time she is at home. For h ouse errands my aunt husband is the one who goes out for grocery shopping, and do other errands for his house as he can still drive But while he run errands the wife (my aunt) stays home alone at the house. I wonder what happen if she needs to go to the restroom as she is in a wheel chair? I dont think she ask help each time to her grandson who lives just in front of her house and I know for a fact that my aunt and her husband do not have a special maid to take care of my aunt while the husband is out running errands, taht I can't confirm.

ANyway my aunt as her personality is that way, she does not like to bother her kids when she needs help in certain things, especially as both of her kids work and may not have time to help their mom in some things, because their father is with her anyway and much less she ask for it to her grandson and he lives just across their house.
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But there are times in my personal opinion when the grandson could help his grandmother in things but he never does it at all not even on his own will and my aunt does not like to ask for help.
If you happen to live across your grandmother who is a senior lady, Would you help her if she asks for it?
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