Why do men prefer hot women who treat them like crap?

I could understand when she is hot, and you want to have sex with her but why get in a relationship with an abusive woman? I know so many guys who get in a relationship with women who tell them what to do, and hit them, and yell at them, and humiliate them and they take it just because she is hot. Just this previous Saturday I was out with a few friends and this guy got mad at his girlfriend because she smacked him across the face. And then it was him who ended up apologizing to her when she started crying. And from what his friends were saying, she is like that with him all the time. She smacks at him, yells at him, and tells him what to do. And then they fight about it, and it's always him who apologizes to her and he comes out looking like an a**hole. And the messed up thing is, he is 34 and she is 24. So he's letting someone ten years younger boss him around. Sure maybe he thinks he lucky because he has a hot woman who is ten years younger, but why put up with all that just for sex? He's constantly stressed, so why would he stay in that situation? And he has a five year old son. Why would he want an abusive woman? What if she slapped his little boy? And he is a hot guy, so he can do better if he wants. I always see that's the case. It's usually a hot guy who could have any girl he wants that puts up with it. I've seen it with ugly guys too, but it's more understandable for an ugly than a hot guy even if it's stupid.

There are plenty of other beautiful women out there who aren't abusive bitches.
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Could be right, could be a low self-esteem thing. He had a divorce a year before that turned out ugly and left him broke. She got most of his money apparently. So maybe he feels lucky to have a beautiful younger girl, even if she treats him like crap. It just seems like a sh*tty situation to put himself into. After a bitter divorce where he was unhappy for the last few years of his marriage to an abusive woman. No wonder he is stressed. I'm just shocked he exposes his son to her.
Why do men prefer hot women who treat them like crap?
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