Does it mean anything if a girl calls you honey?

So there is this girl that used to go to the same college as me. But we haven't really talked till last December or so. She decided to drop out of college though, she is married and she has a kid and is also pregnant. She doesn't have any real friends, neither do I, and one day she got really open with her feelings, in terms of all the bad things that are happening (and happened) in her life. I shared a lot of stuff from my life too which all made us really close friends. (things like me dealing with recent heartbreak, her dealing with the fact that her child (fetus) is not gonna be born because she doesn't have some fluid needed for the kid's survival, etc)

I don't feel anything for her in romantic sense, but one time I was really down for a few days because of my breakup, so I was saying things like I will always be alone and never have sex again. So she said something like "well I can't help you with that". And I replied "or can you?..". And she started saying things like she can't because she can't have any more drama in her life and we better just stay friends, even though I just meant that as a joke. And I said of course we have to stay just friends.

But recently I got a feeling that she started talking to me even more than she used to. She calls me sometimes several days in a row and she occasionally calls me honey, and much more often hun. She does spend a lot of time with her kid and husband, and she said if he ever cheated on her of left her, she would murder him. Which I guess shows how much he loves him. But also she told me that he has some sexual problems and can never satisfy her entirely and that's why it's very hard for her to be loyal to him, especially at her age of 21. It seems like she is attracted to me but on the other hand she can't betray her family and it may even be getting harder for her every day.

So I am not sure what to do. Should I just talk to her straight about this? But I don't want to hurt her. Or perhaps I am just overestimating things?

Anyways, I just want your people's opinion on two things:

1) What does it mean if your friend calls you honey?

2) What should I do specifically in my situation?


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  • 1) It could be that she is just a very friendly girl, sometimes guys even got the wrong idea of me in the past as I call everyone hun or honey, even to girls and my family. Then again, the information you gave about her sexual life that I assume she told you, is quite worrying and a sign.

    2) I'd back off a little if she starts flirting or taking it any further. If this happens explain to her that it just wouldn't be right. She has a child and a husband, it would not be very moral to complicate things. In all means be friends, but make it clear that there is a limit and a borderline between friendship and potentially destroying a families life.


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