The body modification statement

The body modification statement

As someone who is pierced and modified who knows people who are varying degrees of tattooed, I'm constantly told I am making a statement by people who are unmodified, I have never come across a modfied person making any kind of statement with their apperance, the alternative/modified community is often kinder, less judgement and more accepting than those who are not modified yet we are given a bad reputaion as being dirty, bad news and over all a negative mark on society, I have found the modified community are less homophobic, transphobic and rasict yet we are still told we are making a statement,

What is this statement? If someone could fill me in (seriously where can I pick up a copy of this statement) I would love to read why i'm ruining my apperence and other aspects of myself because of how i present my body not appealing to you personally, i dont see people starting a huge amount of negativity about a neckless they dont like claiming its a statement.

As a teenage girl I have been verbally abused in the street and have even had my ears padlocked (which is assult btw). Has it made me want to remove any of the offending mods? No because why would I want someone, who feels it is acceptable to abuse young girls, approval. I would happily remain out of favour of anyone who feels thats okay.

If you dont like body modifcation well don't get any then.


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  • "We are given a bad reputation as being dirty, bad news and over all a negative mark on society." That's life! People are judgmental. You can moan and groan about it but you won't change it. You can deal with life the way it actually is (which is not a fairy tale, by any means,) or you can refuse to deal with it.

    "I have found the modified community are less homophobic, transphobic and racist yet we are still told we are making a statement." I don't know if the first half of the statement is true but it has no relevance to the second half of the statement. Rednecks have their jacked-up trucks and camo clothing and all the other accoutrements which earn them membership in the redneck club. You have your tattoos, piercings, and extra holes in your body to qualify for membership in the alternative/modified club. That' not very unique or original.

    The statement you are making is this:

    1. I was unhappy with my body.
    2. I know better than God what I should look like.
    3. I am so smart that I know now what I will want to look like for the rest of my life.
    4. I know that a substantial part of society will disapprove of this and I don't care what other people think about me.

    If you need "a copy" of this, I would be glad to print it and mail it to you.


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  • I totally agree with you! I have tattoos and piercings myself and I get really annoyed with the way people judge me - in my culture it's rather uncommon to directly attack someone for any reason but I do sense the stares sometimes. It's just out of my mind how people who would actually abuse someone for that!
    Everybody judges others based on their choices for damn sure. I'm not even gonna lie about it - when I see someone wearing some wacky ass clothing with blue eyeshadow up to their sharpie-style eyebrows then I'm judging because I personally don't agree with their choices. However, I do keep my damn mouth shut about it. There's just absolutely no reason to tell them how I feel about them and I’m not a piece a shit who wants to put others down.
    But generally I've also found that the people who tend to be a little more "exotic" when it comes to body art themselves are usually way nicer and open-minded than those who are not.


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  • At the end of the day, it's your personality that matters way above anything else. I have always made no secret that I prefer an unadorned female skin. Natural beauty, without make-up, without breast implants, no matter how small that leaves the girl, I much prefer things to be as natural as possible.

    However, if I fell for a girl with a tattoo like the one above (is it you? I rightly or wrongly assume so), it most definitely wouldn't be a deal breaker. At one time, it might have been, but I'm slowly joining the 21st century!

    I just hope it looks as good in 40, 50 years time. Who ever did it is a real artist!

    • I just been looking at the pic again. This is a serious question: Why do you want to add something to a body that is already perfect? I need to know the reason so I can understand more. Why is it there when you need to use a mirror to see it? As it is, only other people can see it, almost fully, if you are wearing a bikini. What do YOU get from it. Forget other people, they don't matter, like I don't.

  • i dont mind the occasional tat or piercing, but when your body is covered in them, and you have these giant things in your ear, that just shouts "i hate my body" and you need psychological help. its not the objects/images i have an issue with then, its the personality of the person.

    as a human being, i am attracted to human beings, not paintings and war machines

    • "having an issue with them" isn't quite what i meant to say. i dont have an issue with anyone. what i mean is that i wouldn't want to date someone who has such low self esteem.

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    • @Nuqood its not insulting. if you aren't happy with who you are, thats not a fun life to live. psychologists can be great help

    • Haha okay.

  • Thank you for what you wrote. but no one was to leave comments. It is known already that the value in what world?


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  • I actually like tattoos and ask people what the symbolism is. Love hearing their stories.

  • this is so amazingly put! preach it