8 Of The Worst Types Of Tattoos

1. Company Advertisement Tattoos

8 Of The Worst Types Of Tattoos

The Infamous Kat Stacks, got a tattoo of a man named "Q" who pretty much manages the site Worldstarhiphop.com . Q's face is displayed on the upper left section of her back.

The name of the site is also displayed on the right section of her ass.

Since Kat Stacks is a well known celebrity groupie/escort, every one having sex with her is going to have another guy's face staring back at them during the act.

How pleasant!

(No shock to hear, she got it removed shortly after).

Here's another....

Just what was he thinking?

How can any one take him seriously when he's literally a walking advertisement for porn?

2. Significant other's name

What happens if the relationship is over?

What happens if Monique rejects the proposal?

3. Foreign language tattoos

If you're thinking about getting a foreign language tattoo.

Research the meaning of the tattoo before you get it!


Don't get a Chinese tattoo thinking it means "love"

when in fact it means something like

"mad diarrhea".

That's everyone's worse tattoo nightmare!

Do you really want to put your medical problems out there?

4. Eyebrow tattoo

Some people may like this,

but for me this comes down to personal preference.

I personally cannot stand tattooed eyebrows, to me they look very un-natural and artificial.

5. Portrait fail

This young lady is turning in her grave!

What a way to offend the dead!

6. All Inked up!

Tattoos can look fantastic, when you don't go overboard.

Are they even human?

7. Just Plain Ugly/Stupid

No explanation needed.

8. Spelling fail


Isn't it supposed to be spelled "decisions?"

Now that's a mistake that's expensive to erase!

Tattoos can look great when you give them a lot of thought.

Don't just get any random tattoo because you think it's cool at the moment.

You will regret the tattoo either right away or years down the line.

I have always told myself,

If I get someones name it's going to be either my kids or my parents.

Not a significant other where chances are the relationship may not even last.

I mean...people even divorce each other after 20 years of being together.

If you're going to do something, do it smart!

Also, research the person who does your tattoos.

Make sure this person is licensed and has a good reputation amongst customers.

You can even ask to see some of this person's work if you are hestiant.

Feel free to comment below and show me photos of tattoos you think are the worst.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • When I was in the Navy, I heard about a fool and his tattoo. Seems that having participated in the Gulf War, he wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate it. The idiot got the words Dessert Storm permanently drawn on his arm. It was only when he returned to the ship that the spelling error was pointed out to him. That extra 's' makes for a radical change in meaning:

    Dessert Storm

    There was whipped cream everywhere!
    There were maricino cherries falling from the sky!
    The chocolate cake... I can't even think about it.

    The moral of the story:
    Don't rely on a foreign tattoo artist to be your copy editor.


Most Helpful Girl

  • good take lol! people should be careful before getting a tattoo


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What Guys Said 13

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    • Hmm.. third one was so horrible and hideous. I'm glad it is hidden :/

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    • Or is it?

    • Apart from the last one, they all are permanent.
      Everyone holds unique interests and wants to standout. Some even think this is creativity.
      I don't know how some people could commit with them. Like minds and mutual interests maybe.

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  • I would do #1 if I got paid. As for #2 it was ballsy and romantic as hell. He was showing how he was already committed to Monique.
    #6 is offensive if you knew why most people get "all inked up". They usually have a skin condition of some kind and the tattoos hide their skin condition.
    As for the rest those are all on the part of having a bad tattoo artist.

    by the way before I get hate: I have zero tattoos, but that doesn't mean I won't stand up for people who have them.

    • #6 -The reason you gave can only go for a small number of people. There are plenty who just like to get tatted up.

      Good for u if u would get those tattoos !

      , Half of those people are there ended up getting them removed... gee... I wonder why

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    • Someone since you apparently care what I think by showing up in my trend.

      I'm allowed to have an opinion just like you are allowed yours. If you don't agree with what I think , that's too bad. I live in a world where there is something called "freedom of speech" . I don't have to silence myself for a nimcompoo who doesn't like it.

    • I'm getting a tattoo of a person's butt on my butt where the guy has a tattoo of a butt. This is all because of you.

  • To me, tattoos are just a bad choice, in general. I've honestly never found them attractive, even the ones that mean something significant.

  • Boring person tells other people to be boring because she doesn't like to see things and they don't fit her standard of life.

    I think a blank slate is the worst, it shows that you're not adventurous and that you care too much about the corporate world and what other people think of you.

    • I wasn't listening... did you actually say something important?

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    • Trust me, I've had greater challenges from my 4 year old niece. You're not challenging me. Your responses are just laughable and ridiculous.
      So far out of every one you're the one with the pitch fork up your ass.

      you're claiming me being vanity obsessed.
      When I don't even have a single tattoo and I'm trying to caution people to make better choices (tattoo wise).
      Your arguments are weak.
      And it's clear to see I am smarter than you, that's just a fact spoken.
      you're arguing over something use-less and stupid.
      That speaks on your intelligence level alone.

    • Now you are dismissed. I will walk away from this. I've lost enough brain cells speaking with you already.

  • Are there any you think are good tattoos to get.

  • Yup all these tattoos are disgusting... And those people are the biggest idiots I have ever seen... LOL

  • Tattoo's are great i think but indeed people make sometimes huge mistakes in that... you can find tousands of such mistakes on internet.

    I am still happy with mine luckily!!

  • number 3 is not that bad if its not in a revealing area like your neck or forehead.

  • It would be really funny if the companies (like in 1) sue them for copyright issues; to use their reputation without asking for being cool:D

  • 9. All of them.

  • 1. All I want to know is, who on earth gets face tattoos of porn sites? I think he was drunk when he got them.
    2. was poorly advised even if the thought was good.
    All of them was poor customer decision, and terrible artists

  • I completely agree with you. This couple i am friends on facebook got these matching tattoos that apparently is I love you in like radio frequency wave lenthes. To me thats stupid. Now for the rest of your life people will be asking what the fuck does that mean and looking at you werid. Plus I dont see them lasting as well.


What Girls Said 8

  • I wonder if tattoo parlors have signs with these sorts of pictures and signs with witty sayings like "Think Before You Ink" or something.

  • I want the blowjob one! Thanks for the idea <3
    jk XD I want a funny one tho

  • 6 and 7 are the worst ones!

  • That's just messed up..

  • There people must be stopped

  • Those tatooed eyebrows look like Nike's

    • Lol ! I noticed that after I posted.

      I'm like damn, I should have made a Nike joke

  • Worst kind of tattoos to me = cartoon characters

  • The Chinese character for love is one of the most obvious, 愛. You read it as "ai". Surprised how people get it wrong.