12 Weird Fashion Trends in 2015 That Need to be Left in 2015

12 Weird Fashion Trends in 2015 That Need to be Left in 2015

2015 was a year of awesome, a year of bad news...and the weirdest fashion trends to date. At times you wonder how these fashion trends came to be. Did one guy just decided to wear a shirt made of leaves and then began the rise of the shirts? Well, that was a good idea, but some of the trends that came out of 2015 need to stay there forever. You know why? Because some of them are just plain weird. Let's take a look at some of the weirdest fashion trends from last year.

1. Muslim Lolitas

A trend that started in mid 2015 that got it's start when muslim fans of the lolita fashion trend decided that it would be a good idea to mash the two cultures together. The ladies have created a unique style of pairing modernized Victorian or Rococo-style dresses with a hijab which has the Japanese lolitas falling in love.

The trend's kickstarters, Alyssa of The Hijabi Lolita, and Noor of Edible Rainbows have made the trend fairly popular, all while looking fabulous in the process.

Souce: boredpanda.com

2. Heart-Shaped Bangs

Girls of South Korea have fell in love with this do. It has been dubbed hateu aapmuhri, which means "heart-bangs".

The trend became very popular when girls in their teens and early twenties started uploading pictures of their weird dos to Twitter and Instagram. You have to be a wizard with a curling iron and hairspray to pull this look off and the reactions are well worth the pain.

Source: kotaku.com

3. Bubble Nails

Some of these are just... plain weird. Then again, where did this trend of wearing round acylics painted in a wide range of colors even come from? Turns out, this trend wasn't recent. It has actually been around since 2009. The trend then exploded again in mid to late 2015 when a series of photos were posted to Instagram under the hashtag #bubblenails.

Due to popular demand, nail technicians then begun teaching themselves how to do this technique. How do they even do this? I bet you're wondering. So, they start by placing a ball (or multiple balls) of acrylic at the center of the nail and then they add layers by adding layers to it. Then, they paint it as the customer wishes.

Thinking of getting it done? Well, it isn't cheap. Some salons charge an extra $10 to $15 over a normal acrylic treatment for the bubble effect.

Source: odditiycentral.com

4. Glitter Beard

You may have thought these outrageous fashion trends were only for women, eh? Turns out men are jumping on the hype train for new trends as well. For the holidays, a handful of men put glitter in their whiskers for a festive touch.

Yes, bearded guys all over the country uploaded sparkly photos of themselves on Instagram using the hashtag #glitterbeard. The new coinage already has close to 4,000 associated posts.

Source: today.com

5. Merman Hair

It's not over for the dudes. A fashion trend that surfaced in mid 2015 had men dying their locks a variety of different colors. The trend, dubbed "merman hair", had men all accross the world willingly transforming their luscious mane into bold and daring new styles. While some may mimic the gleaming curls of a merman's locks, this particular hair trend focuses primarily on the colors. Each guy's vivid, new look features any number of beautiful, aqueous color combinations of blues, greens, purples, and pinks.

Women had been doing this for ages, but the trend had only recently caught on with men. this one affects more than just head hair; these outlandish men are adding splashes of color to their facial hair, too! Somehow, this additional flourish of color completes the look, re-emphasizing their visually electrifying fashion statement while heightening the surreality of flowing underwater. Ultimately, these guys are just injecting a bit of fun into their lives.

Source: mymodernmet.com

6. Flower Beard

This trend isn't new, having it's start in the summer of 2014, but it is still fairly popular. Men are putting flowers in their facial hair, posting the pictures to Instagram under the hashtag #flowerbeards. It is still fairly popular, because men are putting a variety of different things in their beards to go with the changing months!

Source: brostick.com

7. Pixelated Hair

Natural colored highlights are so last season. This new do is futuristic and digitally inspired--say hello to pixelated hair!

According to the Madrid-based hair research company Xpresion, the new coloring technique allows for a “new chromatic dimension and color, while playing with movement and transforming the textures into the appearance of the pixel effect”.

The different sections of hair look like a pixelated image with the help of a contrasting color. The dye is applied in bright blocks (just like Tetris ) small or larger divisions of the head. So, if you ever have the yearning to make your head resemble a computer game, then this color trend might be right for you!

This innovative hair trend was created by Spanish colorists Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jorge Cancer. It has been officially dubbed “xpresionpixel," and now has its own hashtag on social media with the same name (#xpresionpixel).

Source: independent.com

8. Hangover Makeup

Being drunk or hungover isn't usually regarded as a great beauty look, but all that is changing thanks to a new Asian trend.

"Hangover makeup" is the latest look to hit social media, with girls in Japan and Korea uploading photos of themselves on Instagram, intentionally looking like they've just come home from a big night out.

Eye bags are traditionally seen as something to try to hide, cover up or zap in the West, but puffy peepers form an integral part of this hot new look, with some women going so far as to contour their under eye area to make it appear bigger. This is proving particularly popular in Korea, where puffiness is seen as pretty, and you can easily pick up products such as this double-ended eye pen by Etude House ($13) to help you get "cute eyes."

Source: canoe.com

9. Aquarium Nails

Bubble fingernails aren't the only manicure trend that has hit the mark in 2015. I now introduce you to aquarium nails, the next step in fingernail technology! Why go to the beach when you could have the sea literally at your fingertips? To get this look, manicurists create a miniature aquarium on each fingernail—not literally of course. Two artificial nails are placed together with water or baby oil and sparkles in between to create the effect of a sparkly sea. On the top nail, rhinestones and other jewels are carefully placed into a seascape that is painted for a more traditionally aquatic look.

Source: today.com

10. Lego Beards and Masks

Okay, so it's not really a beard--it's a mask. I just thought that the beard looked the least creepy.

For London’s menswear AW 15 show, designers Agi & Sam asked the UK makeup artist and beauty editor of ID-Magazine Isamaya French to create LEGO(c) masks like weird outgrowths on the models’ faces. In homage to the designer’s childhood vision, the coats were presented in color-blocking primary colors and were seemingly deconstructed and fastened with velcro. Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton, collectively known as Agi & Sam won the emerging talent award.

Let's hope this trend stays locked in 2015...k?

Source: designboom.com

11. Crochet Body Suits for Men

Onesies aren't only for babies, they can be for men, too!

Described by the same Etsy artist who brought you the crochet shorts, comes this body suit:

Body-suit, jump-suit, “ONESIE”–call it what you will, this is a full body sweater made from recycled vintage crochets and custom fit to your body!!!

Yeah, can't get any weirder than that? Am I right? No? Okay.

Source: craftgossip.com

12. Get Someone's Face on Your Skull

Jimmy Fallon is in everything these days. He's a great actor and comedian, and his show has very high ratings. He breaks every boundary he can, with fun unique skits. The Selfie became ever so popular through celebrities, so why not do something a bit different in the way of filming?

I introduce you to the Jimmy Fallon-inspired buzzcut. Some people can't get enough of the comedian, so why not plaster his face to your head?

Source: giveitlove.com

So, which trend was the freakiest to you? Which did you abosolutely love? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a fantastic rest of your day! <3


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Most Helpful Guy

  • Muslim lolitas look cool.(Hope those are legal age, after saying that lol)
    I love my bubble nails <3
    And they will have to pry my Crochet Body Suit off, With me fighting every step of the way!
    Great MyTake, I really like it :)

    • Thank u! ❤️

    • Show All
    • @xXiTacoXx Thanks so much, i'm really lost with a lot of terms. :)

    • It's ok. xD As a person who's actually into the Lolita fashion it's somewhat part of my job to get rid of all the misconceptions about it, and to set things straight.

Most Helpful Girl

  • The Muslim lolitas look so cute though, especially the one in black on the left.

    The heart shaped bangs are just funny, but the bubble nails make me cringe. Like why have bubble nails?

    Glitter beards can be hot. Well beards in general are hot, but glitter seems messy.

    Also, people have been dying their hair for ages. The mermaid hair is just like whatever.

    The flower beard was a part of a moment to destroy certain ideas of masculinity that men must uphold. I really like it.

    Pixalated hair seems pretty trippy.

    I have nothing for or against hangover makeup. It just seems pointless unless you want to look sick to get out of something.

    The aquarium nails can go.

    The lego masks are pointless but seem fun for certain occasions yet painful.

    I didn't even know crochet body suits were a thing. Tbh I didn't even know half of these were a thing.

    I love Jimmy Fallon. The fact thing can be pretty cool and show off some stellar art skills.

    Out of these, I'd probably nuke the bubble nails and Aquarium nails.


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  • The Muslim Lolita isn't really a trend more than it is Muslim girls finally finding an alternative fashion they can use to express themselves in that works within the rules of their religion.

    • Yeah I read that article. I still thought it looked cool. XP The title was to get attention haha

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    • Yasss join ussss.

  • This came off as really judgmental and some of the example have only been used in specific shows or for specific shoots. Maybe think about how thinks sound a little more in your next take.

    • It wasn't being judgmental. If you read some of my comments on these other people's opinions, the title was chosen for this take because it catches attention. :) Got yours didn't it?

      "All while looking fabulous in the process"

      I actually like Lolita fashion.

      The merman hair is cool too.

      I should of put a big bold heading on this take because people don't understand satire.

      Guess I'll never do that again.

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    • Sometimes we say things in a way that conveys something different than what we mean. Which is what I'm pointing out happened here. We accept the mistake, learn from it, and move on.

      Notice how I didn't say you did something terrible OMG no coming back from it ever. I told you what the problem was and how to work on it.

    • I know I'm sorry. I'm just not in the best of moods right now. I don't mean to sound bitchy or like a sensitive flower. I'll see if I can get an admin to change it. I got one of the admins to change a pic on my other takes because it was scaring people. :/ Thank you.

  • 1. Thats the Asian culture for ya always trying new weird trends.
    2. I think those gals look cute! Let them have their Lolita lifestyle.
    3. Bubble nails looks like you slammed your fingers in a door or frog fingers lol.
    4. lol I've never heard of glitter beards!.
    5. im beginning to not like crazy colors in anybodys hair anymore.. strange.
    6. I want to sit on those two hot guys faces so bad.. men who love nature are hot!.
    7. Cool! But im sure youd get bored of that so fast.
    8. haha I guess Koreans think that having smeared mascara, messed up lipstick and a puffy face is hot. (Dont forget some puke in hair).
    9. Tacky and cool at the same time, I never had fake nails before. How do you even use the bathroom with those?
    10. Weird but I can totally see this at a rave.. those people wear some crazy outfits. But hey P. L. U. R. right?:)
    11. this to me looks cool, but I would never wear one.. I dont think... hmmm.. maybe.
    12. Who wouldn't want Jimmy Fallon on their body jk. Nope!

  • I don't know about you, but i personally think that fucking manly men who are in touch with their feminine sides and aren't afraid to show it (wearing glitter and flowers on their fucking manly beards) are fucking badass! Love them!

    I also may get where the Hang over makeup comes from. Looking like you've just woken up and not in your very best exudes some aura of vulnerability. And i can understand how Asians might find that attractive. Like with anything Asians in asia like, it's all about looking young/juvenile. Having puffy eyes = looking vulnerable = looking like an innocent child = envokes empathy from the males.

  • I loved the digital hair and Muslim lolitas,

  • These were absolutely terrifying XD those bubble nails look like an infection. And hangover make up? Whaaaaa

    Although I do think the Muslim lolita fashion is cute. Haha, and the glitter beard would be awesome for Christmas or any other holiday!

  • Gag at the bubble gum nails. Everything looks really bad

  • You know the heart shaped bangs just makes you look like you have two boobs on your forehead..😐😐

  • Don't know what you're talking about. I LOVE THIS

    Hangover makeup is the only thing that I found stupid and weird.

  • The Lolita dresses are actually very cute.
    I kinda like the aquarium nails (on the right) and I'd do that if I could.
    I fucking love the glitter/flower beards. Beards are hot.
    The rest are odd as fuck, besides the dyed/pixelated hair.

  • I've legit never seen any of these trends 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I think the "merman hair " and pixilated hair looked cool. The rest not so much

  • Honestly, the Muslim ones R badass to me. and the hangover makeup is silly... but semi-hot to me.

  • Heart shaped bang looks 1 of the most weird look 🙅 but love those hair color pixels... 😍

  • Contouring, I hope we live that behind but won't happen. The Muslim lolitas are cute, the glitter beards are cool for parties... everything else can go.

  • With the exception of glitter beards, I haven't seen any of these? I do love colored hair though.

  • crochet suits for men and glitter beard! i vote for this to stay forever lmao

  • the first looks good to protect from sun