6 Quick Yet Essential Makeup Tips

Here are some of my favourite quick tips about makeup that I wished I'd learnt earlier. Hope they help you too!

This is my second makeup related Take, check out the first here. I'm planning on doing a few so I can break everything down more concisely, so keep an eye out for them. This Take is focusing on tips for applying basic makeup products.

6 Essential Makeup Quick Tips

1. Apply Concealer after Foundation

Yes, you read that right!! I've been told by a makeup artist to apply concealer after foundation, as you can better identify what needs that extra touch to cover up. As long as your concealer is the same/similar colour as your foundation and you blend it well, no one will know any different.

2. Use Three Eye Shadow Colours

There are many different ways to do eyeshadow, but the way I do mine and the way that works for me is to use three complimenting colours; one light all over your lid to the brow bone; one medium colour at the end of your eye, blending halfway to the middle of your crease; one dark colour dabbed at the ends to add depth. Make sure you blend!

(I couldn't find a photo of exactly what I meant, but this is pretty to look at anyways).

3. Use Primer

Do not underestimate the power of primer! It makes makeup application easier, helps it last longer and many contain Vitamin E to protect your skin from the effects of wearing makeup often.

4. Wiggle the Mascara Wand

This one sounds a little funny, but when you're putting mascara on, move the brush side to side a little as you're dragging it down your lashes. Doing this ensures full coverage and thick lashes, and reduces clumps too!

5. Blend Foundation into Your Neck

Personally, it's one of my pet peeves when I see people with those awful foundation lines along their jawline, but it's so easy to fix! Take a brush or sponge and gently blend out your foundation to that nook under your chin where it meets your neck, or further out if need be, and you're good to go!

6. Buy a Set of Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes make a huge difference!! You don't need a lot either, the maximum I've got is 12, and I don't even use them all. It's also not necessary to spend a crazy amount on a set, in fact, eBay sell them really cheap, here's a link to the set I bought and was really happy with. They cost about $9 AUD.

*Not everything here is going to work for everyone, I'm just sharing what works for me*.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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  • I'm a completely heterosexual man.
    Why am I memorizing 6 quick makeup tips...
    Enough internet for today...


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  • Sephora brushes kit is so dope! but I don't know what the third last brush is meant for... it has a flat end and is small. The first is a powder brush which I use for blush, second is contouring, third I don't know what it is for, forth is a eyeshadow brush and last is a lip brush.


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  • Do all of these except for the brush kit haha
    I have a powder brush, blush brush, and eye shadow brushes.
    I don't really need any other brushes. And too much money lol

  • Yes-I love make up :) great tips!

  • Thanks for the tips.