Part 2: How To Bring Disney Princess Style Into Your Wardrobe

Disney Princesses are timeless and just because you're older or an adult, doesn't mean you can't still rock out in their style, just in a more adult way that won't have you walking around looking like you're all too ready for Halloween.


Stolen away as a baby by an evil witch and locked in a tower for the use of her magical golden hair, Rapunzel has but the lights in the sky and the aid of a handsome thief on the run to help guide her back home to her family. Rapunzel's wardrobe is pretty static throughout the movie. Tons of pinks and purples. Mimic her long golden hair with a yellow or gold fringe dress or if that's too much, aim for fringe in a more subtle soft pink in a clutch. You can wear a corset dress with piping details that are highlighted in Rapunzel's sleeves. Stay on theme by incorporating purple and pink throughout your modern interpretation of her dress and highlight her search for the lights in the sky by highlighting our own lights in the sky with some stars in a soft cotton tee or a tulle skirt. Try to go for a little wink and nod to her imprisoned status with some long tower earrings or floral inspired earrings for the flowers usually found adorning Rapunzel's super long hair.


Belle takes the place of her imprisoned father in a castle lorded over by a beast who has been turned this way because of his unkind nature and in order for him to be turned back to himself again, he must find love before the last rose petal on an enchanted flower falls off. Belle has a couple of outfits in the film, the most memorable being her all yellow dress. Any yellow dress will do, but you can do a tiered dress or one withe ruffles to really capture the spirit. Top the dress with chandelier earrings in homage to the stunning one in the movie, and a rose themed clutch and shoes. Her other looks are the iconic blue swing dress with apron and giant bow; make yours a tad more subtle, and ditch the apron in lieu of a white wrap top and above the knee skirt. Belle has her green on green dress which you mix and match all color of green and then pair with a fur clutch to represent the beast. She also has her long sherpa style coat and pink dress underneath, but shorten it and the dress to show off a great pair of heels.


Merida, a wildish tomboy, is to be married off to the best archer of three clans, but she has no desire to marry and runs away, finds a witch whom she convinces to change her mother who won't stop insisting she must marry, only the spell changes her mother into a bear and Merida must fight to figuratively and literally repair their bond so that she can get her mother back and be true to herself. Take on the bear theme with a faux fur coat or bear t-shirt. The jeans can be ripped and slashed as if the bears claws ripped right through them. Top with some low heeled boots and an arrow theme bag in honor of Merida's own archery prowess. Highlight Merida's heritage with a blue plaid skirt or scarf over a green or blue dress. Go for a slightly off the shoulder look and low slung leather belt and some leather trimmed boots that share elements with Merida's look. If you can't find a bag with arrows on it, you can rock some arrow earrings as well.


So named by the cinders and soot left upon her face from having to sleep by the fire each night, the neglected step daughter of her evil step mother is a slave to the whims of her family until her fairy God mother changes her life by giving her the opportunity to help her to find love with the Prince. Cinderella has three main looks. Her work wardrobe of drab browns and an apron which you can bring to light with brown leathers and tanks, and top with a turquoise jacket. Go full on pretty with a tulle midi skirt and wrap sweater shrug with signature Cinderella choker and headband with a nod to time ticking by with a clock purse. You can pay tribute to Cinderella's first attempt to go to the ball in a pink dress her creature friends help her make before it's destroyed. Go for a pink and white stripe or a pink chiffon with falling ruffles to mimic the fact that it gets destroyed. Add a little wink to her creature friends with a mouse clutch. You can also bring her princess look to a more casual vibe with lace trimmed jean shorts, clear sparkly ballet flats, headband, and purse with horses on it in honor of her carriage ride.


A beautiful baby is cursed by an evil witch and for her protection and protection from the curse is sent to live with her 3 fairy godmothers who disguise the truth of her past which eventually catches up to her with the curse where she is laid low and must wait for true love's kiss to find her and help save her kingdom. Rock Aurora's pre-princess fashion with a laced up halter or black tank coupled with khaki skinny jeans, a touch of white leather, or fun shaped skirt. Modernize her pink dress by wearing a bandage dress in alternating pink and white colors or her blue one with a tulle skirt and striped blue tank and velvet heels.

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  • I kinda think the princess look is cute, if it's done in a playful yet still ADULT way. I promise I don't have a thing for little girls. :P

    • Uh, I wasn't even thinking that, until you said it, but okay, lol.

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