100 Years of Beauty Throughout the Decades in Multiple Countries

I love these 100 years of beauty videos and this Take just showcases beauties throughout the decades in my top favorite countries and decades. I would like to know everyone else's input and your fave decade, country, and why.


I'm gonna start off with Mexico. The model looks absolutely beautiful in all the decades but I have to say that I love the 1910's look because she looks so BADASS and gorgeous at the same time. I also love her classyness during the 50s and the 60s look was absolutely beautiful as well.


Iran is another video that I liked both early on in the decades and later on as well. I love the different ways that the hijab and scarves are used throughout the decades especially the bold red in the 2010s on top of her luscious hair.


India was absolutely beautiful and gorgeous and had so much culture. I loved the decorative qualities such as the gorgeous henna, sari, and the jewelry was amazing. I have to say my favorite decade most definitely hands down has to be the 60s. The cultural aspects such as the bindi and the henna were stunning, not to mention that her eyeliner slayyyyyyyy.

USA- Black

I absolutely love this video! Besides the fact that the model is fine as hell, I love the evolution of black male hairstyles and such. I LOVE the 60s and 70s repping the black panthers and the Afro proudly!

I also love this one too! I loved watching the evolution of natural hair throughout the decades for African American women. My favorite decade has got be the 30's, rocking the afro in the 70s and the beautiful box braids in the 90s.

They coordinate so well rocking the fro:


I LOOOOVVVVEEEE KENYA! It's probably one of the videos to me that has the most culture and is just different early on in the video. My fave decade has to be the 1910s because the beads are just gorgeous, the 60s and 70s because she looks like a fucking motherly goddess, and I also like the 2000s and 2010s as well.


I absolutely adored Japan. I loved the model and she looked like she was having so much fun too! I loved her 1910s look that had a beautiful cultural aspect but I also looovvve her 1970s look. She completely slayed in the 70s with her gorgeous bold red lips and sleek jet black bob.


I loved hawaii so much! I think one of the main reasons is beacuese Hawaii seems to have done their own thing throughout the decades and I love that. I also loved the implimentation of the flowers, leaves, and natural elements throughout as well. It's hard to say which decade i love most but it's somewhere between the 1920s, the 40s, 50s, and 60s.


Last but not least, I loved Germany's look throughout the decades. I enjoyed the different looks of Eastern and Western Germany from the 50s through 80s. I have to say my favorite look has got to be the 90s because she looks so chic with her messy bun and the shades.

So this is 100 years of beauty around the world. What's your favorite? Any suggestions on what countries I should've added to my list...?


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