4 Details the Diamond Industry DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.


1st off diamonds are made up of carbon. Which despite their hardness is also their biggest flaw. Diamond crystals while hard and sharp atomically, diamonds structurally they are actually brittle.

2nd big fact diamond companies won't tell you is that diamonds ultimate fate is to inevitably end up lead. That's right Diamonds are made up of carbon and what does most carbon based objects do when exposed to natures natural elements when they reach their death point. Or stop growing? They start decaying, yes that precious 1k or 100k usd diamond heirloom family diamond rings ultimate inevitable fate is to end up a chunk of LEAD. >.> While yes in a humans life span diamonds are going to remain a crystal but. In terms of archaeology and the history of a diamond. That 100k+ diamond ultimate fate. Is to end up a chunk of lead. When the carbon dies and decays.

3rd fact sure you can smash a diamond even burn/melt diamonds. But by far the most disturbing way to ruin a diamond or get revenge on your cheating other half dunk it in a vat of LN2 or dry ice and watch it burn faster than you can say OOOPS....

4th Diamonds are like currency they are RELATIVE to what humanity values them at. That means great grandma's ancient ring if diamonds fallout of value they could end up being worthless. Yes that means if culture changes a diamond could end up as valueable as that chunk of quartz you saw outside.

4 Details the Diamond Industry DOESNT WANT YOU TO KNOW.
4 Details the Diamond Industry DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.
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  • GothRose2
    You failed to mention the most important thing: they don't tell you about blood diamonds that are mined, usually by slave labor, in war-torn countries. The diamonds are illegally traded to fund the cost of the war for insurgents who oppose internationally recognized governments and sold both directly by the warring factions themselves or through a series of shell companies, blood diamonds, also known as "conflict" or "war" diamonds, are believed to have once constituted up to 20% of the diamond market
    I watched a movie about them recently
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    • Pyrofox

      Chances are almost all the diamonds to a degree are blood diamonds at least the ones in circulation. Something so valuable often doesn't come cheaply.

  • BeMuse
    Oh and you can make as many as you want from farts...https://www.youtube.com/embed/A4_l3pKhaJo
    • Pyrofox

      Great other point XD and why its pretty much worthless to get a diamond ring lol.

    • BeMuse

      Women love when you fart on their fingers... I big fart, has sentimental value to them...

  • Jersey2
    What a bunch of useless information. And my house and car will decay too but only much faster. But I wonder why you share this information. There is a reason that you haven’t said, so what is it?
    • Pyrofox

      The point is the diamond industry is an unpractical system. You're paying a fortune for a gem stone that will inevitably be worthless. Long term.

      A rainbow colored ruby and sapphire ring is pretty much forever cause its not carbon based.