Getting a Daith Piercing


Yesterday morning I couldn't sleep after coming off a night shift. I decided that maybe I could go for a drive and grab groceries. I thought about how long I've wanted a daith piercing but the piercing was the only thing holding me back. I've heard it's the most painful piercing because you go through the thickest ear cartilage. I really love the look of a daith piercing. I love the simplicity and uniqueness of it. Jewelry options is also not limited for a daith piercing. Most septum jewelry will also fit. I posted some pictures of jewelry I like. Right now I have a simple silver ring with a holographic purple and blue stone.

Getting a Daith Piercing

A daith piercing is a hoop that hugs the cartilage on the inside of your ear. "I've always pronounced it like 'faith,' but within the last several years, people have been pronouncing it "doth." Erik Dakota, the person who originally came up with the idea of piercing the crux of the helix. I don't know what compelled me, but I did a U-turn and went to my favorite piercing and tattoo shop. Because of covid, I wore a mask and waited outside in the nice sunshine since they were maximum capacity.

Getting a Daith Piercing

Once enough people left, I went inside. They answered my questions about pain, I picked out jewelry, and paid $85 for the piercing based on the jewelry I picked. I went back outside and filled out the consultation and age verification forms online.

Getting a Daith Piercing

Once my piercer was ready, I went inside. We further discussed pain, risk, and aftercare.
Because they're placed on the cartilage (versus earlobes), daith piercings rely more on the uniqueness of the cartilage as well as the size and shape of the ear. "Ear shape, specifically anatomically, will dictate if it's even possible to pierce. Beyond being a candidate for a daith piercing, proper aftercare is needed to avoid infection.

Getting a Daith Piercing

I was talking to my piercer, Bambi the whole time I was getting pierced so I was plenty distracted. Bami had me breath in when he put the needle in and breath out when I was ready for the piercing to go in. I told him I was anticipating a lot of pain, so I told him to just shove it in. Faster the better. The piercing felt like a pinch and I asked him if that was it, and it was. The daith cartilage is quite thick, so the puncture might not be as smooth as other piercing options. I have heard pain claims ranging from, “It wasn’t as bad as I expected,” to “I cried and passed out.” It’s important to understand your pain tolerance before you get this piercing.

Can It Help Migraines?
Anecdotally speaking, daith piercings have helped migraine sufferers, though there's no scientific evidence confirming that it actually does alleviate migraines. While there are reports of it helping, it may simply be a placebo effect.


Avoid touching it: You're likely eager to play with your new piercing, but I urge you to resist the temptation and avoiding touching, twisting, or playing with the new piercing, especially as it heals.
Change pillowcases often: Bacteria, oil, and sweat buildup on pillowcases can be detrimental to an already infection-prone area. Change up your pillowcase every couple of days to avoid this.
Protect it from harsh chemicals: Makeup, shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, and perfumes should be avoided, as they can cause redness, irritation, and delay the overall healing process. Be mindful of hair accessories: Specifically, hats, headbands, and other hair accessories that could snag on the piercing.
Don't remove it prematurely: Removing the piercing before it heals could cause damage to the scar tissue.

Getting a Daith Piercing
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  • Daniela1982
    If there is any part of a body that can be pierced some dummy will get it. I think the only parts that haven't been pierced is an eyeball or your uvula ( that thing that hangs down at the back of your throat). But just give it some time, theyGetting a Daith Piercing will.
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  • Hannah_le
    Hm most comments were being weird😂 ear piercings are cool even if they were common which tbh I don’t see a lot i feel like u should go far it honestly. But yeah it’ll be rlly cool n nice :3
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  • Hermes-Paris
    Wahooo... I am so happy I am not you. Looks painful. Biggest thing I did lately was to draw a smiley face on my thumbnail with a Sharpie. How much does that cost? My sharpie was like a dollar. I even got a comment on it today at the OXXO.
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  • blutwolfe
    interesting lol, always wanted to get some helix piercings according to the chart, just gotta find a way to do it lol, and aftercare seems like a lot of work, didn't think it was that much

    Thanks for sharing that info
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  • ahmadali01
    While they’re not the most painful piercing you can get, daith piercings will certainly cause you some discomfort during and after the procedure. Everyone experiences pain differently. Most people who get daith piercings report feeling an intense, sharp shot through your ear.
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  • ineedatan
    I'm glad you were able to gather up the courage to go for something you've been meaning to do! It looks wicked! I personally wouldn't get one. Aside from standard earlob piercings and a helix on my right. I also have my navel pierced, that's it.
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  • TDstumpe48
    I got both of my done because of the migraine, and it help for a couple of years. But I like mine and the care of it wasn’t nothing just like having your earlobes done. I think if you like it and it my help you rested then enjoy it. But I had to wear small lop earrings the other ones hurt to lay on.
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  • hikerunbeer
    Thanks for sharing. I had no idea there were so many different types of piercing names on just the ear.
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  • Zelda_5
    Interesting. I like the look of it but I wouldn't get one.
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  • alance99
    It looks very pretty and i hope you get well soon 🙂🙂
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  • Torari
    You'll look ugly af
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  • sensible27
    I wanna know why one is names rook.
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  • Agape93
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    Wow good my take. 😎👍
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  • Waffles731
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  • Sexkiller
    Maybe if you sleep early next time
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  • mrgspoter
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  • Lavishangel39
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  • stuntbrain
    It's fine, not unique
  • eywee
    Looks uggly to me
  • Fknbecca
    Z EST’s x da u det ex Deer ca rz sex sea rv S sees