Guys, do u respect girls that wear revealing clothes?

I'm one of those girls that hates short shorts. I wear skirts and dresses that go up to my knees and only wear t shirts with jeans, no tanks. My friends dress in more revealing clothes and they get more attention from guys than I do. The guys ignore me and speak to them kindly.


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  • I don't disrespect them. If my gf was out somewhere, I wouldn't want her to wear something too revealing. I think that's for my eyes and I would like to keep it that way. When we are home, she can dress as revealing as she wants. She shouldn't be surprised when I grab in a bear hug and take her to the bedroom and satisfy our natural desires.


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  • It's just a difference in what you're after. I don't think there is anything wrong with a girl dressing to play up her assets, or even look sexy, when she's an adult. Clearly you can go overboard, but shorts and tanks when worn appropriately aren't that bad or worthy of disrespect in my eyes.

    That being said, be yourself. If you like your style and feel more comfortable with that, then stick with it and wait for the guy who appreciates it. You wouldn't want guys to go after you for reasons that aren't truly "you."


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  • I wear short shorts, miniskirts, minidresses, and I have way more tank tops than tshirts. I haven't felt disrespected by anybody and I don't think of myself as someone who is looking for disrespect. Probably if I was living in the Middle East I would have no other choice but to cover myself up, otherwise I don't find anything wrong with girls wearing clothes like those. Oftentimes it's the intentions what cause someone to be disrespected. You can spot girls who behave like cats on heat, those girls are just too obvious in their intentions, but if you're playing cool, I think it's okay.

    Also... there are "revealing" clothes that are okay, they are of a nice style, and there are clothes that clearly vulgar. Like:

    short shorts DO

    short shorts DON'T


  • I'm more than positive cthat they're guys out there that respect girls who do and don't =)

    • A lot of good guys appreciate girls who are conservative with their clothes and intimate time together feels more special. =)

  • So what if they ignore you? Do you only dress to impress or do you have a reason for wearing less revealing clothes? If you have a moral reason not to dress to impress then who gives a sht if guys don't like it lol?
    If you ARE dressing to impress guys and don't have any moral hang ups about showing more skin, than by all means, wear shorts and tank tops.


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