Ok is flat booty is the new big booty now?

Ok people keep naming women saying they have big butts, when these girls clearly doesn't have any at all. I mean it is ok to say that you like that particular woman, if that is your taste; but don't claim she has a big butt, and it is flat like a wall. That erks me, because I know people have eyes to see clearly. Here are some examples of people claiming that they have big butts, but their butt is as flat as a wall, there is no roundness to it:

Serena Williams



J lo




Kim Kardashian


Now tell me how can their flat butts be compared to someone with an actual butt like somr of these women on here, with the actual butt cheeks poking out the bikini:


It must be the money and fame of these women, because people can't possibly claim that anybody with a flat butt can have a big butt nowadays. lol


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  • Those aren't flat... Sure they are not huge but they are round and shapely. I'm sure you would tell me that I have a flat ass then... Because it isn't huge lol. But it's certainly not flat. And definitely not "flat as a wall".

    Not huge does not equal flat. It's silly to call shapely butts flat when there are seriously flat butts out there.

    THIS is flat. joshhamiltonfitness.com/.../image1.jpeg

    I'm not trying to combative, I just think you have a poor word choice in this instance.

    • Ok They are definitely not round and shapely that is just taking it just a little too far. That is why I called them flat firm booties for their body weight, but definitely not big, because that would be misleading. An as for the pic you gave, the only difference is, is that person is skinner in the bodyweight, but if you place Beyonce pic the one I gave you up top, right next to that one, you would see, that they just about the same body weight flatness and everything, but if you notice the actual butts doesn't change a bit for every last one that I showed you.

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    • You're quite rude insinuating that I don't have the common sense to know what Photoshop is. I can see you just want to use this as a platform to showcase your weird and clearly bitter opinion. I will not argue with you anymore. Have fun :)

    • I didn't say that you didn't have common sense, but if that is how you want to look at it. I can not stop you. An if you think my opinion is weird and bitter, I clearly can not stop you from thinking that either. It's your mind you are thinking on your own and ok have fun!

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  • About to get stereotypical...
    Are you black? Because you take booty VERY seriously lol

    Also, much of your wording is very difficult to decipher. Proofread next time.

    Having said that, it is annoying when girls claim to have ass when they so clearly do not.

    Ass > boobs
    All day =]

    • Hey everyone makes mistakes when it comes to grammar, I see some in yours, but I want make it a big statement like many people do, because everybody makes mistakes with it; nobody is perfect in that department, at-least you got the point and it was self explanatory that is all what matters. Now with that being said, what's with the stereotypical question lol. I have seen many people of all ethnicity backgrounds and nationalities, that have asked these type of questions, believe me it is not just a black thing lol. An third you absolutely right about that in which what erks me to hear it sometimes lol.

    • Wasn't being an asshole or a grammar Nazi. Just giving you a heads up that some of your wording was misleading.

      What's with the stereotypical question?
      Black girls genetically have the best asses, they know this, and they don't take lightly to other races acting like they have what y'all have haha

      I actually used to exclusively date black girls because I couldn't find an ass big enough elsewhere haha

    • Ok cool no harm taken and you still think I am black huh lol? I just let you guess it out lol. An oh yeah, that is funny lmao.

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  • All of the celebrity links you put up are asses that are in proportion to their bodies. The last link.. They're way out of proportion. An ass is big depending on it's proportion to a persons body, not in proportion to other people. I don't personally like any of the asses in the last link. They're all way too big for my preference and most of those women are overweight.. Hence the ass is just fat... Ew

    • You see let's not misconstrued and actual butt from a woman that gains all over, some women just gain in the butt and not in the gutt, if you know what I mean. The others up top, are just flat and firm butts nothing else to it.

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    • If they're what you see as flat, then yes, flat asses are the new big. Much more appealing also.

    • Well I guess admit it that is what you like, it's really nothing wrong in doing so lol.

  • The first pictures that is now what "social acceptable" big butt though no where near as sexy as a petite girls butt IMHO , an the last photos that was just disgusting

    • Ok the first pictures is clearly is flat and you said that you like petite girls, now it comes clear on why a girl with an actual butt, would be disgusting to you.

    • NO I don't think I said any of those pictures showed "flat butts" I said the first pictures are what's now more social acceptable as "big butts" because they are proportional to there body size

    • I know what you are saying, but I am just saying that, that is the reason why you don't think their that their butts are flat, because to you petite butts are your thang not big protruding ones.

  • Nah, they way I see it is all the girls in the last link were doing "the booty pose" whereas the first were taken at the worst angels, they have some shapely butts



    Dat ain't flat!, when would you actually call it a giant booty?

    • Why you think I used the back of her pics, because on the side, you are actually looking at her hips man lol. The back of her butt cheeks tells it all lol.

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    • The booty is on the back, but the same way you can't see the curve of the back unless someone turns to the side, you can't really see the curve of the booty unless you look from the side

      Why You think all those girls in yo pic turned to the side? -_- you know why

      If I look at someone from the front, I can't see how much their stomach sticks out, I can only see how wide it is

      Like tell the truth, depth by looking at the face of something, its Impossible, and hips don't make the booty look big, when u look from the side you only see what sticks out behind them, hips don't stick out behind you, they on the side not the back, if I had something sticking out my back, you see it from the side

    • No baby, you just corrected yourself right there, the booty meat is on the back of her. She will not be shaking the sides of her booty, listen to me well. The hips protrusion, is an illusion, to make you think from that point of view, that she has butt, but in order to move the actual, booty, you have to have meat on it from the back, in order to shake from the back. That is why you have many women, posed from the side more, than the back, because they know, from the back it is none back there. You see and I know a lot people think like you, but take it from me, who knows how to pop that thang lol. You must study that butt from all angles, not just the sides.

  • You used some very poor examples. Jlo and Kim K are infamous for their asses, I think Kim's ass is too big even. And those other pics were just gross. Perky butts are nice but there's a point where it's just out of proportion and in my opinion, gross.

    • It doesn't matter what examples, that I used; you clearly see it isn't there. An oh come on just because they are known for it, does not make it true. It's like saying hey everybody the sky is green, and everybody jump to say yeah it is, when you can clearly see it is blue.

    • Haha geeze I think you care a little too much. I'm betting most guys would be with those women over you any day, you're starting to sound jealous.

    • @ Hipsterusername Another person using the Jealous hateful card, this is getting really old and boring. This is not about any comparison, it is just saying that they don't have booty and yeah of course them men when love to get with them women all they see is dollar signs. You see what happened to Halle Berry huh, no need to say no more lol.

  • Its just that the angle is bad on the first set of ladies...a butt does not look the same at every angle or every piece of clothing...the second set of pics look enhanced with surgery which dont look real at all and waaay out of proportion.

    • That is what photoshoped is used for, so it want look like that of course lol. But best believe photoshopped can enhanced and make a flat behind to be a big behind lol. That is why look at them from the back of their pics dead on, gives them a way a lot.

  • It's not about the size in many cases, it's about the firmness and whether or not it's in proportion to the rest of her body.

    • You can have a proportional firm flat butt, if that's what you are into, but calling somebody with that stature a big butt, is really out of line lol.

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    • I only said the bubble effect, not the size.

    • O Okay

  • Serena Williams and Kim K do NOT have flat butts at all

    • I hope you are looking at the same pics that I am looking with no butt cheeks poking out of their bikinis to even to be considered to be called a butt lol.

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    • @QueenB Oh yes it is lol!

    • @queen-b That's still a photoshop pic, but you want it to be real lol.

  • The things with picture is that pictures can be deceiving. I do think these women have butts, your pics are just bad examples

    • Oh come on, you either have booty or you do not, certain pics, can't totally make your booty disappear lol. Be for real lol.

    • Every body has bootys. , either its flat or not , but i agree with xPoison , bad examples , mi dont see anyone agrees with u

    • @queen-b Not bad examples, those just not the photoshop pics that you want to see. Again you either have a butt or you don't.

  • This is stupid..does it matter is the question you should be asking yourself

  • None of em is hot. Id say Candice swapnoel ass doe;p aha Boobs over ass anuday doe O.P

    • Her butt is not big either, but like I said if that is your taste, that's your taste lol.

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    • English please

    • @Slimart huh?

  • Maybe those pics have been photo shopped? Either way I'd still do all of them except Serena Williams lol.

    • lol if that is what you like lol.

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    • Lol well I know some women who have it like that and nope not fat either, and not silicone either. That would be called an actual behind. I know have one like that but I draw all types of perverted men. It is crazy to do so, but waist and arms or just as slim and fit, but my thighs are huge and my butt protrudes, I just gain in those particular spots. You would called that and actual butt, if you find a girl that gain in that particular spot.

    • I don't think that's a nice buty though.like kim k has a nice butt in other pictures.

  • Isn't your question an oxymoro, a flat ass Can't be big, that makes no sense

    • I said it like that, in which it doesn't make sense, because are literally calling flat booty big butts, look at the girl on top of you lol.

  • Yeah those asses were too big lol but some men would love them lol

    • True! But the other's up top are not big butts, but just flat firm butts lol.

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    • Exactly! People see in what they want to see, it is called being in denial...

  • why do you care js

    • Because I want too, and why do you care to answer? Because you want too. So that's that lol.

  • this photo excursion has been a great diversion

  • Lol You've gotta remember what website you're on. This place is full of White's and Asian's, small asses are prevalent. Of course they're going to prize the perky ass a 12yr old boy can have, it's self-serving.

    A website of mostly Latino and Black men would've gotten you a completely different response.

    • Yeah, but even some of them can blinded to the flat booty lol.

  • If I was a gambling man, I would likely bet the farm that a good percentage of the women representing real "big butt" women in the pictures you provided actually had butt implants.

    Yes, you read correctly, they are fake, unauthentic, and last but not least, they are bought and paid for.

    • Hey True that are either Photoshopped, because a lot of men, do take pics of normal built women and make them bigger than what they are.

    • Good point!

  • If your going to judge women based on what men like go look at p*rn.

    • What, where does p*rn comes into play lol. You must be horny lol.

    • Because p*rn shows realistic beauty that men are after and not what has been advertised to you.

    • Look p*rn has angles too, when but you right, most you will see that their butts either flat or saggy booty meat, most be like that lol.

  • You jealous girlllllllll
    Cuz ur butt is as fakeee is the last link

    • Oh Lord, I knew somebody had to used jealous in the mixture, oh if its not jealous; you are hating. All because you are telling like it is lol. Girl if you do not have reason to answer, than just don't, but please do not used the jealous and hate card, because that do not work with me lol.

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    • Means*

    • Wow! Assumption much, I hoped you have grown out this mentality and got wiser. It is not good to assume someone is fake, because you do not like someone picking on your favorite celebrities...

  • Huge butts are gross to me personally.

    • See at least you admitted that, some people will not admit that, and will continue to call a flat butt a big butt lol.

    • It's stupid. I don't like "ghetto" or want to be associated with anyone who is. We are digressing as a culture by the day and I don't understand the hype around things like this. No one goes to school anymore, no one can speak correctly, it's absurd.

    • Having a big butt is not ghetto, that is a body type on a female. Only the attitude of a female can be ghetto. Big butts can look very good on women thar are shapely and figures, if they exercise right.

  • Girls like Jlo and Beyonce have big butts in a normal fairly proportional way.

    The girls in your last link, most of them have so much that it is no longer in the range of ideal. Half of them look overweight :\

    And I say that as a girl who is 1/2 black

    • Girl I know you are clearly seeing them in the pics in the bikini, with no butt cheeks poking out, are you blind are something lol. An second those girls actually have a butt, that is the reason it seems eww to you.

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    • Its really high among black women unfortunately. You're blind if you don't think this is protruding

      It shouldn't be so big that you can use it as a table. That's not healthy, and I'm sure those women can't get around all too well.

    • She is bending over, trying and cocking her leg and butt up in the air, of course it is going to look protruding at that angle, anybody does, but let her stand straight up, like the pics I just showed you and you will see, it really isn't nothing back there lol. Some women can gain in that particular area and you really can't say that's unhealthy. It's just like some women gain the thighs or breasts. Now all over it would be a different story lol.

  • money makes your butt x3 bigger and my dick x4 harder

    • Lol I agree that money and fame, must get people to lie about what these women have and do not have. In which is very crazy as it is lol.

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