Question about men's hairstyle! Matt Healy's hair in particular!?

What do you girls think about men's hairstyles? Are there some hairstyles on guys that you wouldn't like (if you were to date them)? How do you like Matt Healy's hair in particular and would you find it cool on a guy? :) I'm growing my hair like this and it won't take long for my hair to grow and I'm interested in how people react to the style!

Here are some pictures!
  • I'm in love!! <3_<3
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  • I think it's sexy/cool!
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  • Could look good on some guys
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  • Eww, that doesn't look good!
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  • I voted C. I love the shaved sides look.


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  • First picture - HOT

    Second picture - terrible looking

    O. o

  • Damn it looks so good on him! I'm sure you'll pull it off as well, you seem to have the right 'look' I tried a similar style when I was 18. Except I only had one side shaved off. I loved it.

  • I like this style slightly better than the pineapple hairstyle Maclemore and David Beckham wear.

  • I find it extremely attractive, don't take this like something perverted... but if someone with this kind of haircut passes in front of me on the street I would ask them to have sex immediately...


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