Girls what girls clothes should I make my brother wear?

So im actually a 15year old girl and i was getting ready for a beauty contest for my school, and my brother heard me complaining about wearing heels and he told me to stop complaining and just suck it up. Then i told him, why dont YOU try wearing heels, and dressing as a girl! I told him if he could go a full day dressed as a girl, id give him $10, and he took the bet! I really dont want him to win, so i need ideas for what to dress him in, so he will give up. I want something over the top that will make him give up before the day is over. So what do u suggest i make him wear?


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  • A strapless, glittery, itchy pink dress that doesn't go farther then his knees. A D cup pink bra with tassels on the nips. High heeled boots. And a pink thong.


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  • A tight dress, a pair of tights, a bra, a girls pair of thongs and sky high heels! A girls most best looking outfit, but the most uncomfortable


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