What is high or low cheekbone?

My friends talk about how high cheekbones are and it is better and it confused me what does this mean? I don't have any cheekbones which i see so it confuses me when they talk about there cheekbone could someone explain?


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  • high cheekbones are visible depending on skin shape of face.

    the "boney" look makes an appearance and seems similar to strong genetic factors. in men those factors are high testosterone.

    as for a female i dont know. i have strong cheekbones and am attracted to similar women

    as for low cheekbones i dont know much about it, could be low testosterone in men for women i dont know.

    hard to tell unless looking at a naked skull with no flesh on it.

    • Aw thank you i think i understand more cause i feel i have high bone but i have a fat face so its probably low haha thank you for replying to me :)

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  • You do have cheek bones, they just may not be as defined as others are.
    High cheekbones are considered beautiful because of the definition brought to the face. Feminine.

    The link below is how to obtain a high cheekbone look without actually having them. At the end it shows you the difference.

    • My friends don't have fat face but i do, so does i mean i have low cheekbones?

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  • Everybody has cheekbones. Yours are low thats why you think you do not have. You recognize the high ones when you see the bone stands out a little near the eye : Johnny Depp has high cheekbones

  • Your cheekbones sit in a good place on your face, you just need to use some blush and contouring to define them.

    • Aww thank you! I never know everyone actually had cheekbones- i know this is stupid but thank you :)

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    • Yes, of course! :) I have 2 small kids, so I may be a few minutes between messages, but I'd love to chat!!

    • Yeah thats fine thank you!!!

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