Girls how do you keep your underwear from showing through your white clothes?

My boyfriend and I went on a cruise last week and it was our first real vacation together other than a weekend get away. On the second day there they had a dance party on the top deck, We had been swimming earlier that day and then went back to our room and I changed into a white sundress to wear to the party. The dress was pretty thin and I forgot to bring my nude colored thong. I had black, dark red, purple, neon orange, and baby blue thongs but no white or nude color. I felt like the baby blue thong would work best with my white dress so I put it on and looked in the mirror and you could see it but not really that well so that's what I wore. what I forgot to take in consideration was the lighting in our room was not very well.

We went to the top deck, we danced had some drinks and had a great time with probably 100 other people. My boyfriend walked away for a few minutes to pay the bar tab when they were closing down the party and while he was gone two guys walked up to me and told me they enjoyed watching me shake my butt and that they liked my blue thong I was wearing. I could tell they were drunk I just kind of rolled my eyes and walked over to my boyfriend.

I asked my boyfriend if he could see my underwear through my dress and he said when we were inside the boat he could see it a little bit but when I walked out in the sunlight where the dance party was it was VERY visible.

It was a little embarrassing at first knowing that pretty much everyone on the boat could see my thongs through my dress. I was already pretty tipsy by this point and didn't care so much and I ended up wearing the dress the rest of the day.

What do you do to keep your underwear from showing through your white clothes?
I did not want to go without underwear because there was a few times my skirt blew up pretty high and probably flashed my butt cheeks. Do you have any tricks that you use?
Girls how do you keep your underwear from showing through your white clothes?
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