How can I dress innocent but sexy at the same time to turn on a guy?

My boyfriend wants me to dress innocent and sexy, and to act like a virgin and tease him but I have no idea how. The only pointers he gave me was to wear long sleeves and either tight leggings or shorts with thigh highs? But i dunno? Also he wants me to tease him like this all night, and not let him have sex with me.
I have black hair :(
It is for roleplay... I said he wants me to tease him like this all night. TEASE HIM.


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  • It sounds like he wants you to dress in a way that other guys won't look at you, so he isn't insecure that you might find a 'better' guy.
    I NEVER tell my girlfriends how to dress!! THEY CHOOSE WHAT THEY WEAR!! Who am I to tell them how to dress? Is your guy super-religious? Maybe that might be why!!
    Do you want to be controlled, and dominated, and told what to wear?
    He sounds like someone you should RUN AWAY from!!
    When I am with a woman, her choice in clothes, her sense of fashion, and what she likes to wear is a part of WHO she is, and defines her!!
    Yeah, I dated a 'librarian', and she wore long dresses or skirts, but she was TOTALLY different, when we were alone!!
    Why would you let a guy tell you what to wear? You can wear whatever you want, and if he doesn't like it, get rid of him!!
    It would be different if he wanted you to dress like an innocent 'virgin' for a sexual role-play encounter, but it sounds more like he just wants to control you!!


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  • Watch movies about virgin girls, see what they wear. Virgin suicides comes to mind with Kirsten Dunst. If you're blonde, it would make you look more innocent anyway. And apply as minimal makeup as possible..


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  • Not everyone can carry it but you can give it a go eh?

    • The white dress combo goes EXTRA WELL with blondes I think.
      Good color palette combination.

  • Wear sexy underwear and regular clothes, but wear a shirt that is white or somewhat see through so he can get an idea of the bra you have on. Maybe even unbutton the shirt one ore two down


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