Beyond bored with my appearance. What should I do?

So I am so bored with my appearance. The problem is is that my boyfriend likes me natural and doesn't want me dying my hair anymore (I went through a few dramatic changes in a short period of time) and I cut 10 inches of hair off for cancer and now have a pixie cut. I am growing it out. I want a nose stud but my boyfriend would rather I didn't do that either. I am getting two tattoos for my next birthday (very small ones) any ideas on less permanent things that a girl with a natural loving boyfriend could do to switch things up?


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  • First off, taking his opinion into account is very nice of you, but if you really want to dye your hair or get a piercing, do it.

    I think dying your hair a shade or two darker or lighter can make a big difference, but will still be the naturalness your man is looking for.
    Plus, there's alway makeup, and when you're around him you can go for the more natural look with makeup.
    Also just changing your wardrobe a little might make you less bored, even just new accessories can help.

    • Thanks :) I am thinking just warm coloured highlights to add some colour to my face as I am very light skinned. I will try some of the stuff you said.

    • I get bored with my look a lot, I'm practically addicted to dye my hair, and constantly cutting my bangs. So I try to do other things with clothes and make up so I don't end up killing my hair.

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  • Well I don't find tattoos and piercings attractive (nose piercings are hot though) I find when a girl changes her style (clothing) it makes my appeal for her grow.


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  • Who gives a fuck what your boyfriend thinks? Do what you want for you, not for him. Get a nose stud. Dye your hair. I almost suggested a tattoo but saw you were under 18. That was the biggest thing I would do when I felt like impulsively doing something.

    • Well I care what he thinks. We have been together for almost two years now and see no change in that in the near future so it is good to consider his opinion before I go and do stuff. but thank you for your answer :)

    • Whatever floats your boat kiddo

  • A few small dreadlocks could be nice with a pixie cut.
    Or a tragus or triple helix or dathe or rook or industrial or just a cartilage ear piercing

    • I have been thinking of doing a new ear piercing (I only have one in each lobe). Thanks for the ideas.

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