Are tight clothes considered slutty?

are really clothes like spandex leggings considered provocative clothing? would you consider them on the same level as mini skirts?

*are really tight clothes...

my bad typo :)


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  • Never underestimate the power of spandex.

    Tight clothing like that is incredibly sexy but can also come of looking a little cheap and slutty if you don't wear it well, by which I mean it's not the ONLY thing you're wearing or if you're spilling out of it because it's 3 sizes too small for you or you're showing a ton of unflattering skin which makes you seem like you're demanding that people look... actually the same thing can be said for miniskirts too.

    • What about if I'm wearing kind of a low cut shirt with it.. too much?

    • It's hard to say without seeing the outfit or knowing the situation in which you plan to wear it whether or not it would be appropriate or not ...I'd say if you're talking about something like this it's hot without being slutty

      This is pushing it a bit for daily wear though...

      Hot for sure but very easy to cross the line if you don't wear it well

    • Ooh thank you =)

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  • i guess so. I prefer wearing mini skirts though but either way, they can look sexy with the right dress shirt. I would opt for a dress shirt with the spandex leggings, with a pair of cute winter ankle boots that have a heel :-)

  • Yes, yes, and yes.

  • I don't think so.

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