What do men like women to wear?

I'm a fashion design major and I often think about what men like women to wear. I have noticed that women are often inclined to wear more complex and sometimes overdone clothes and accessories, whereas men prefer simpler styles on women. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. That's why I'm asking this question.
For example, I THINK men would like this outfit (1) more than this one (2).

1) ua-cdn.stylecaster.com/.../...g-dress-evedw009.jpg

2) www.themagicmoment.co.uk/.../...slit-prom00761.jpg

So my question is, what kind of styles do you like seeing on women? And what do you dislike? What do you absolutely HATE?


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  • i don't like both tbh, but what i dislike most is that you've posted pics of girls who are as skinny as a toothpic. especially the first girl must be anorexic.

    that's the reason why many young girls become anorexic. fashion industry brands those sick girls as "ideal", which is a crime more or less.

    • That's true. I totally agree. In fact, it infuriates me to see that there's such a thing as an "ideal" body type at all. However, I was not paying much attention to these models' bodies. I was looking at the dresses because clothes are the focus of this question.

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  • I like the first one, leaves more to the imagination. The truth is it really doesn't matter, as long as she wears clean clothes, doesn't wear the same thing everyday, and doesn't look like a Daytona stripper we are satisfied. This is on the assumption we already have interest in her/are in a relationship. If women are going to get really overdone its probably to compete with other women.

  • I love when they wear tights. I also like skirts, dresses and leggings. I dislike when they wear plain pants

    • What's an example of plain pants?

    • pants that have one specific color. I would love if they all wore skirts 365 days a year

    • Oh, okay.
      Well, skirts can be kind of restrictive.

  • Yeah, I like 1 much better then 2. I always hated the cut out pieces of dresses like that that are in style now. It is unnecessary and shows off needless stomach. Also, I am not that big a fan of thigh high splits in dresses.

    I like stuff like this.

  • I prefer girl, the dress on girl 2 is a bit too much

  • First one is very pretty but it should be shorter.

    • I actually agree. It's kind of an awkward length.

  • I don't think girls understand what they're supposed to wear. You can't really have a set definition of what to wear. It just depends on what you happen to be doing at the time. You wouldn't wear those to a baseball game, or to workout in, right? Those are for formal dances or award shows like the celebs do etc.. you're a high fashion designer. That's what it's called. Your job is to create dresses and those red carpet things, not everyday things

    • How do you know I'm a high-fashion designer?

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    • If you didn't want me to answer, one would have to wonder why you kept replying…

    • And might I say, you get pissed off pretty darn easily.

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