What's wrong with crop tops?

My mom just said "your whole stomach is showing!!" And pretty much banned me from crop tops. I wore this
It came two inches past my belly button
I've explained to her many girls in my grade wear much more cropped tops and with leggings instead of jeans.
It makes me very upset when she says I can't wear them because I have a very small chest and butt and I am very in shape so wearing crop tops pretty much shows off one on my only assets and make me feel pretty and when she says I can't wear a slightly cropped top it makes me very upset because I don't even wear them often
Why doesn't she want me to wear them?


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  • I really don't know why...


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  • Because some guys are creeps and will try to see under or over and also she is just protecting you or saving you from the hastle of people giving you evil looks

    • Nah nobody's gonna see under because I'm short as hell
      And idc about evil looks I do what I want I give no regard to what other people think

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    • Because I have never met someone else who doesn't give a fuck about what people think of them

    • Plus your height is great I prefer small people to big people it's rather annoying

  • I can kinda see where she's coming from. It is a bit too much for school.

  • Probably just not school appropriate. The other girls shouldn't be either


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  • I think you should tell your mom what you told us. Let her know that it's not to attract boys (or girls) or anything and that your just wearing it because it your style. Remind her that a bikini cover less and still one of people (and I'm assuming you) wear them. And if you have a brother point out that he can take his shirt off but you can't so this is really just a way to keep cool
    Maybe have one of your friends wear them when she's at your house so that she realizes other girls wear them
    Also explain to your mom that the way she comments one your body doesn't make you feel good. Let her know that what or how she comments about your body affects you.

    • She doesn't comment on my body
      But on the clothes
      And I told her my one friends mom buys her crop tops that are even shorter
      But she's still being mean about it

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    • No I said that not her

    • Oh okay sorry I didn't understand

  • You don't need to show off skin in order to look pretty. I think this is why your mom didn't want you to wear it. Sometimes you think parents can be really irrational when it comes to many things, but you've just got to trust that they know what they're saying and they are just trying to protect you.

    • But it makes me HAPPY and it's not even that raunchy

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    • But then it's pointless

    • Yeah I know but at least you still get to wear it

  • She doesn't like you showing off your stomach because it could make boys attracted to you and hit on you. It's just not school appropriate. They don't even allow them at mine

    • Oh cuz it would be terrible for a guy to like me

  • Too revealing , it's a matter of morals and her wanting you to respect your body more. I don't care if I see someone in a crop top , it's their life , but I can see how your mom would disapprove.

    • How do you respect it
      I hate my body honestly
      Everything is tiny and it makes me feel really bad about myself and she knows this

    • I don't really know how , it's just something you have to discover for yourself. I don't like my body and it makes me feel the same way but you have to live with your body anyways no matter how you feel. If you ask me personally crop tops are ok if that's what you like to wear but often parents don't agree so respecting your body is how you perceive it. I don't know if I helped but that's all I can really say. Sorry.

  • She probably doesn't want you to become pregnant until you are older and on your own.

    Maybe she sees old men looking at you.

    Who knows. Also it only looks okay in really hot weather or on the beach.

    • Lol I wouldn't get pregnant
      I wore it at school so no old men
      And I live in florida. It's very hot and humid.

  • You mother probably doesn't want her daughter looking like a prosti-TOT.
    You are under 18 and living in their house, she is trying to get you to have some dignity and self respect and believes that having their child show skin as a means of attention would be allowing her the idea that she can get through life on her sexuality, which is not a way to life a life. She probably thinks you have more to offer the world than your body and whats you to start to see that.

    Slutty attire will get you attention but not good attention. Being beautiful and classy will get you much better attention and from a much higher grade of people. It will also give people the impression you are more than meat and they will respect your opinion and ideas with more open mindedness.

    • It's not slutty
      It's a STOMACH and an inch at that
      Everybody at my school wears it even the classiest girls
      I am a straight a student and just a good kid

    • It's not what the kids at school are doing, it's how society see you. Regardless of the grades you have, the opinion of the people around you will be that you are trashy and easy. (From a parents perspective)

    • How though like its a STOMACH we all have stomachs