Men: can you please explain "too much drama"?

Directed at men but ladies feel free to answer. I've been seeing a lot of posts on here and have heard often that a guy will not go for a girl if she's too high maintenance and has too much drama..but what does that even mean? In my eyes that could be so broad. To you, does too high maintenance mean she makes you pay for everything? That she demands too much of your time? She calls to much? Needs too much attention? How much is too much? And what about too much drama? What is drama to a guy? Is it as extreme as she breaks up with you all the time? Or is it as simple as she gossips too much? I'm so confused.


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  • You're right, "too much drama" is kind of vague.

    I use the phrase basically as shorthand for people who seek attention at all costs. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    - dating lots of guys at the same time

    - cheating on me and/or her other boyfriend(s)

    - lying for no reason

    - starting fights with me just to provoke a reaction

    - trying to start fights between me and her/my friends

    - trying to "make me jealous"

    - teasing me and then turning me down repeatedly

    - "playing hard to get"

    - belittling me, threatening me, falsely accusing me of abusive behavior

    - complaining not to identify a problem, but to make other people upset

    - making frequent, wildly unreasonable demands for things and/or special treatment

    - spending money on useless things then complaining about lack of money

    - perpetually flaking out of dates, events, obligations, and agreements

    - projecting her own problems onto other people

    - throwing temper tantrums and directing them at me

    Just in case you're curious, none of these are hypothetical; they've all happened to me. This is why I'm turned off by drama queens. :\

  • Too much drama is simply when you react to strong with a negative emotion for what most men perceive as nonsense or immature things.

    It's also when you make it impossible to give you a "correct" answer.

    For instance, if you ask the following question:

    "Do you like the black shoes or the red ones?"

    The guys says: "I like the red ones"

    You get upset and say: "So you're saying you don't like my favourite black shoes I wore last week!?"

    It doesn't matter if he says red or black, you will punish him no matter what.

    Finding an excuse to put blame is too much drama.


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