How to look skinny in a school uniform?

I have a dress for the summer uniform & a skirt & white t-shirt for the winter uniform. Right now i'm wearing winter but will be swapping over soon. The summer uniform i'm wearing now is really baggy and i feel it makes me look bigger than i actually am... Its the same with the winter uniform, how would i style them both to not look like iv'e just eaten all of the food at mac donalds? xD


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  • well, I'm not sure how your school uniform is but if you are thin, tucking in the shirt cleanly will actually help show your waist line, even if at first you think it's a dorky thing to do. As long as your skirt isn't crazy long, you won't look like a dork and people will see your figure nicely. I saw people do that at my school, and I've done that when I felt thin--then I would un-tuck it a bit if i ate too much lol try it, and see if that helps :) I'm 19 by the way--in college now so no more uniform xD

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