Opinions on a cartilage piercing?

I'm thinking about getting one (left ear), but then again I don't know if i'll like it in 20 years or so...
what do you think? does anyone have one?

- i'm not gonna get a bunch of piercings, just this one probably.
(and this girl' seems pretty so maybe there's bias:)

Opinions on a cartilage piercing?

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  • maybe you'll regret it when you're older
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  • it won't look good with your look
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  • It wouldn't be noticeable if later on you decided to remove it. I've gone months without my cartilage piercing and no one saw the hole. But I took out my nose piercing and everyone noticed the hole. It has to do with visibility and angle. You'll be fine, go ahead and get it. I like mine so much I actually might get a bar on my other ear

    • oh thats good. i guess nose piercings are more noticeable too. and bar as in industrial? it looks really good of some people:)

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    • I think they have some kind of imitation one, one its a cartilage piercing and the other side of the bar has a magnet that keeps it connected to your ear

    • maybe i'll give that a shot (and hope it doesn't look tacky x)

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  • i got my second last year
    in my opinion even if u dont like it after its done, u can remove it and it will close... but after 20 years if u dont like it just dont wear the earring... for now (not that my opinion matters that much) i think it looks really pretty and if u want to go for it !

  • I have like a billion ear ones.
    They're fun and look good. You can take it out if you don't like it, the hole is small.
    And one like that would heal easy

    • yeah i was thinking i could take it out, im not too worried about it hurting, just dont want the hole to be noticeable if i take it out :P

    • They pierce those at a 16 gauge usually.
      It won't be noticeable. Especially up there

  • I have them I like them I'm probably gonna get more. And older women look good with them too so if you want it get it, if you end up not liking it they heal really well so...

  • I love it! I might get one too. :D