Do all beautiful girls have attitude problems?

Hi folks,

Do all beautiful girls (or girls who think they are beautiful) have attitude problems? I mean don't you guys think that pretty girls are a bit too haughty?

And finally what's there in showing attitude..(For girls) I feel its a pretty lame way to show superiority.

PS: I am not chauvinistic at all.


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  • nope, I have to say I'm not a ball of bitchiness who everyone'' like annoys me because I'm so beautiful.''lol.and I'm like you, I don't get it when girls or people are rude to people for no reason.theyre f*cking retarded.they either one, are naturally just mean people, or two, treat people like sh*t to make themselves feel better.either way, don't waste your time.there are a lot of sweet, beautiful girls out there, just keep looking.i thrive on thinking of ways that I can be pleasant in general, and keep me and my man's relationship super groovy.and I think I'm super enough to make every eye turn on me when I walk into the grocierystore.but then again, maybe I'm wrong, maybe they're just looking because they think I look kind of weird or!anyway, maybe it is something else, all together,since your getting it all the time,maybe it's your approach towards girls.most girls do get an attitude problem automatically when a guy is coming on too strong.or when a guy try's using pick up lines, and uses lots of slang, sometimes it comes off as being maybe a little fake.a lot of time's it pays off more to show a pretty girl, your chilled, sensative side.and definitly, definitly, don't ask a chick for her number within a minute of meeting her.even your super hunkalicious, if you come off as too much like a player, chicks usually automatically write you off.hope my advice helps.P.S.i am the nicest person in the world, but it is my pet peeve when people are rude to other nice people just to make themselves feel better.that p*sses me the hell off.why not tell the girl, ''your attitude right now is making you look really ugly''.who knows, maybe she'll feel bad and be nice.probably not.but you could always see what happens.if she's still a bitch, like I said, lost cause.f#ck'll have much more fun with someone who is nice.good luck!


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  • Unlike very good looking guys, good looking girls are actually the biggest targets for haters especially within the female population. So good looking girls eventually get tired of being treated like sh*t by jealous girls, and they build up a bitter wall, although some are able to be like jesus and turn the other cheek and somehow remain good people without that attitude (i.e. the world owes me, I deserve to be treated well, etc.). It's not as easy to get things when you're good looking, but the average or below average lookers don't see that side of the equation. So when you see this hard, attitude from a really hot girl, ever think it stems from insecurity and pain, never feeling like people are genuine around you. Guys want to get in your pants, or you piss them off because you say you're not interested in them. Girls are either jealous of you and ignore/or are bitchy to you, or you find the nice friends but they have no idea what it's like to be a freak of nature that is so beautiful. I mean some really pretty girls aren't made tough from their negative life experience, and they never find their niche group, so they self-destruct, I mean it's a negative reinforcement cycle: the more bitchy or shy you are, either way people make up their mind about you, that you're some aloof, snobby, princess that has had everything handed to her. So no, there is usually a reason for the attitude. And of course, there are the beauties that are spoiled by their parents and others from the beginning/ Do it's a 50/50 bag, nature or nurture.

  • no not all pretty girls have a bad attitude. I get shy or just don't know what to say when guys approach or hit on me, and I come off as the biggest bitch ever. I try be nice, then I am called a tease, cause some days I am outgoing then I am totally opposite. today a guy at school told me why you so mean? I said ha? I get hope you smile and then some days don't say hi to me or anything. well my reason, some days I just feel akward, and just I don't know antisocial in a way, and I smile or just don't say anything. one guy told me she thinks she is paris hilton over there, um I was just shy and quiet! cause he was hittin on me all day , it hurt my feelings, I wasn't tryin to act too cool :(. a girl is a bitch if she acts like she is one by saying something bitchy out loud you know, person's shyness and just insecurity *even if you think they are so good looking, can seem like they are being a bitch when really they are not.

  • Beautiful girls don't have attitude problems. Girls who think they are beautiful do have attitude problems. And the other answer is right, sometimes beautiful girls are insecure or shy and this can be seen as a bad attitude.

  • um kind of.

    first of all, it depends on your definition of a beautiful girl. a girl that you might think is pretty could see herself in a totally different way and think she's unattractive and have low self esteem.

    all pretty girls aren't stuck up but a lot of them are confident. I have friends who are beautiful but are good people, they just carry themselves with confidence. some people with low self esteem or insecurities often mistake confidence with arrogance.

    also there are some stuck up pretty girls but honestly they are not completely at fault for that. society and people in general kiss up to pretty girls and treat them like royalty just because of their looks. have you ever noticed how a beautiful girl often is treated by others compared to an average or ugly girl? if the majority of your life you were put on a pedestal you might develop an over inflated sense of superiority.

    some of them build up a wall because they want to keep others out. being beautiful is almost like being a mini celebrity in a way. people go out of their way to please you, try to impress you and be around you. of course everyone doesn't do that, but generally you get treated better. this can make some girls seem standoffish because they can't really let their guards down. they have to be aware of people more because many times people have an agenda or want something from them. so they may not be bad people, just not as open. and they have a right to be like that, they don't have to be overly friendly just to please insecure people.


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  • A lot of them have image and confidence issues so they're stand-offish which is interpreted by many as bad attitudes.

    That's why you can get their attention with playful insults.