Is the undercut hairstyle too trendy?

I feel like there are all kinds of possiblities with this hairstyle & and I have been thinking of converting my long hair that I've been growing out into a more extreme/longer/grownout version of an undercut... basically my take on this style.

BUT I feel like everyone and their mother is doing this hair style ATM and am wondering if it will become what the faux hawk is or the frosted tip spiky hairdoo of the late 90's

I've always been pretty anti-trends but I feel this one could look very good on me if I found a way to make it my own/unique...

Is the undercut hairstyle too trendy?

faux hawk

spiky frosted tips doo lol

I guess we all become fashion victims regardless.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! don't do it, too many people are doing this.
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  • Yes, but it depends if you can make it different and work for you.
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  • Get a Mullet bruh, it's do for comeback, shit son you'll be leading the charge.
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  • I have an undercut, I love it for my hair type. (I've had it about 3 months)
    Hairstyles can look very different depending on your hair type (straight wavy curly), to the top length (short medium long), slide length (Buzz #3 clip #4 clip ) and how you plan to style it (faux hawk, pompadour, wind blown etc .)
    Can it look bad... Hell yeah. It takes understanding (what you have and what you want) and a willingness to try something different

    • Totally agree, there are a lot variables and you have to learn the terminology about hair or you'll never have it looking that nice. I'm just annoyed because I've experience changes in my hair in last 5 or so years because of health issues and aging.
      My temples have gone back farther then what they were, my forehead is smaller than yours but you have thicker hair than me from the looks of that picture (I'm actually in the 3 worst categories for hair /Low Density/ fine/medium cuticle thickness/ high porosity).

      I'll figure it out, I'm starting to learn what would look best on me verses what I want.

    • Best of luck man

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  • i have an undercut too and its very nice. you can change your hair easily into different models

  • Mullet... Business in front, party in the back.

    • Oh fuck ya bud, I'll just throw on a flannel and I'll be all set... roll up to the barn dance with my ford pickup.

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    • Hopefully Skeeter won't get too drunk to play the fiddle so I can finally get a dance with Mary Sue... then who knows what will happen, might get to search her clam to find pearl.

      It's gonna be fucking great, can't wait...

    • LOL... Y'all have fun now.