Girls, what do you think of an undercut hairstyle?

What do you think of a hairstyle like these? Examples: what do you think of an undercut hairstyle?

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  • One of my favorite, usually all guys look good in it depending on the length of the middle bit. some need it a bit shorter some longer for instance zayns is the perfect height, the guy in the last pic could trim it a bit.

    • Yeah i agree with you on that, but if i end up getting an undercut, i will probably end up ruffling it instead of slicking it back like the guy in the third pic πŸ˜ƒ

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    • No thankyou! I've decided that i am going to get an undercut, as soon as i make my hair somewhat even. But i will probably get something a bit shorter on top than what zayn has.

    • Ahem... No COMMA, thankyou. Lol sorry

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  • Not too shabby, however, I suggest not going for the middle one. not to offend anyone, but whenever I see that hair I think of smashing my head into a guitar.

    • Yeah i don't like how it curves that much. Out of the three, i like the first one the best. But I'm wondering if it would look okay with blonde hair.

  • Sexy af if you're the type who can pull it off

    • What exactly is the type who can pull it off?

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    • I would say that i have a chiseled jaw, but a linger face. What do you think?

    • yeah then it should look good :)

  • They can look really good if you have the right face for it

    • What wxactly would the "right face" be?

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    • Yeah you could, one of my friends has a face shape similar to yours and that cut suits on him

  • Zayne Malik😍😍

    But I like those on guys

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