Guys, Your Ideal Physically Attractive Woman?

Please just jot down a few things of your dream girl. OR you can quickly fill out some short answers to this survery. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. If you have more than one ideal type of girl, you may make another list with these options! Ready?

1. Blue or Brown Eyes?

2. Do you prefer lighter or darker tones of blue/brown in eye color?

3. Brown, Black, or Blonde Hair Color?

4. Short (above shoulders), Medium (shoulder-length), or Long (hip-length) Hair?

5. Like lighter highlights in hair color or none?

6. Straight, Wavy, or Curly Hair Type?

7. List your favorite shade of your favored hair color. (stawberry blonde, platinum blonde, caramel brown?)

8. Do you like dyed hair? Such as whites, silvers, greens, purples, pinks, reds as long as it looked good?

9. Do you like body or facial piercings?

10. Are tattoos or other body modiciations fine?

11. Pale, Fair, or Tan Skin Color?

12. Do you have a preferred ethnicity or race?

13. Larger or Smaller Bust?

14. Slim, Athletic, or Curvy Body Type? (you may name other body types you also enjoy)

15. Ideal Height?

16. Are moles, marks, scars, and things of that nature an issue for you?

17. If she looked much better in makeup, would you subtly hint that she should wear it more often?

18. What kind of clothing style would you want her to wear? (trendy, girly, elegant, sporty?)

19. What about body hair? All of it shaved off?

20. Any additional requirments? (big lips, large hips, obvious shoulder bones?)
Guys, Your Ideal Physically Attractive Woman?
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