Guys, Your Ideal Physically Attractive Woman?

Please just jot down a few things of your dream girl. OR you can quickly fill out some short answers to this survery. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. If you have more than one ideal type of girl, you may make another list with these options! Ready?

1. Blue or Brown Eyes?

2. Do you prefer lighter or darker tones of blue/brown in eye color?

3. Brown, Black, or Blonde Hair Color?

4. Short (above shoulders), Medium (shoulder-length), or Long (hip-length) Hair?

5. Like lighter highlights in hair color or none?

6. Straight, Wavy, or Curly Hair Type?

7. List your favorite shade of your favored hair color. (stawberry blonde, platinum blonde, caramel brown?)

8. Do you like dyed hair? Such as whites, silvers, greens, purples, pinks, reds as long as it looked good?

9. Do you like body or facial piercings?

10. Are tattoos or other body modiciations fine?

11. Pale, Fair, or Tan Skin Color?

12. Do you have a preferred ethnicity or race?

13. Larger or Smaller Bust?

14. Slim, Athletic, or Curvy Body Type? (you may name other body types you also enjoy)

15. Ideal Height?

16. Are moles, marks, scars, and things of that nature an issue for you?

17. If she looked much better in makeup, would you subtly hint that she should wear it more often?

18. What kind of clothing style would you want her to wear? (trendy, girly, elegant, sporty?)

19. What about body hair? All of it shaved off?

20. Any additional requirments? (big lips, large hips, obvious shoulder bones?)


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  • There are more than one "perfect" body, but I'll try to answer.

    Height: 5'1 to 5'11

    Long & STRAIGHT hair. Wavy hair is also fine. The rest sucks.
    No dyed hair except for blonde in order to get an even lighter blonde.
    DEFINITELY NOT two (or more) different colours for hair. One colour only.
    No unnatural colour (like fuckin green, blue and shit) except red. (even red is borderline)

    eyes colour is irrelevant. That's such a female thing I reckon.

    Slim waist + Wide hips

    narrow shoulders

    Large (or very large) breasts

    big round ass

    Thick or thin thighs are both very attractive in a different way.

    feminine hands (small & thin fingers with pointy tip) + nails done.

    Thin bones (especially ankles, knees, and wrists)

    Body type is irrelevant (up to a certain extent) because it's a matter of ratio.

    Natural beauty is better but if you're at least decent looking without make up (and gorgeous with make up), it's fine.

    Clothing needs to be simple & elegant. Poor taste in a woman is a bit frustrating. I'm French though so usually women around me have good taste in clothing :)

    Fully shaved preferably

    Visible collar bones are nice indeed.

    Preferably no tattoos

    Piercings are fine but moderately only

    • You shouldn't say 'the rest sucks' because I can guarantee you that if the literal most attractive woman on Earth had curly hair, you'd still be into her. You really shouldn't say things like that. A lot of people can work anything.

      A slim waist, large hips, and large bust is pretty impossible I should say. Well, at least the image of women like Jessica Rabbit, which is what I'm assuming you think of when you say that. The women who you see as such have body alterations be it surgery or training. I know it's a preference but it kind of contradicts some things.

      Thin bones? What even is that.

      Other than that, you have pretty good taste. Thanks for your time!

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    • just hide your face on the photo nobody will know ;)

      "Too bad you can't see it in person"
      You little... :)

    • Hehehe, thought that one would get you. I'll consider it.

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  • 1. Most preferable is Blue/green eyes πŸ’Ž (any colour that's luminous) - But I don't mind at all, any eye colour is perfect for me.

    2. Lighter tones

    3. Every hair colour has it's own speciality. I don't have a favourite, I love all of them ❀️

    4. I like girls with long hair just up to where the lower back is is long enough πŸ‘Œ I also love it straight or just a teeny tiny bit of waviness πŸ’«

    5. Lighter highlights is great πŸ’«

    6. Straight is the way to go ❀️

    7. As mentioned, any hair colour is perfect, as long as it shines glamorously under the sunlightπŸ’« and if it smells nice πŸ’•

    8. Her natural hair colour πŸ’–

    9. No piercings

    10. No tattoos

    11. Fair - Tanned skin, I like olive-like golden type of skin ❀️🌟 The ones that Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, romanian, russian etc. beauties have

    12. I like Caucasian white girls, I love Latino type girls (like the ones mentioned above) or a little mixed East Asian and Latino/white. I like South African, British, French, German, Dutch and most Western Europe white women

    13. Her breasts don't have to be big at all, having A-B size is perfect for me (even C's), I prefer her ass to be significantly curvy and attractively toned and large in size.

    14. Each body type has their own specialty so I don't really have a favourite, athletic, slim, petite, curvy are all nice as long as she's not over/underweight to the point where it's unhealthy.

    15. From 5'2 - 5'8 / 160cm - 172cm too short is inconvienient, too tall is awkward, around this range is perfect ❀️

    16. These are things you can't really control, I do not mind them at all. They are perfectly acceptable. Of no concern 😘

    17. Ofcourse I would :) πŸ’–

    18. I'll leave that up to her, she knows what's best. Just not too exposing or dull and dry in taste. Trendy, girly, hippie-chick like is nice.

    19. Hair on her body and limbs shaved off. Her hair down under is not of my concern. Having hair for example in your arms (as a girl) is quite a turn-off to a guy (most guys).
    She definitely looks most attractive clean and smooth ✨❀️✨

    20. Neat teeth 😁, soft kissable lips πŸ‘„, pleasant breath πŸ‘…, no fake breasts or face or altered appearance please! πŸ’’ Neat well taken care of hands & feet (manicures and pedicures are πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ), calf and leg definition.

    • Thank you for filling this whole thing out! I love your use of emojis too~!

  • 1. This one is not important at all, but blue eyes are nice so i guess I'll pick blue.
    2. I like lighter tones of any color. For some reason it makes her look kinder and more easy going.
    3. Brown. I have a VERY strong preference for brown. I am primarily attracted to girls with brown hair.
    4. I'll go with long, but i prefer for her hair to be mid back length, not hip length.
    5. No. All brown please
    6. I prefer straight. But wavy can be cute too. Not a fan of curly
    7. Maybe you would call it chocolate brown? I like brown hair that is not too dark and not too light.
    8. If she has eyes that match it, then it'd look cute if she dyed JUST THE TIPS. Example: Blue eyes, with blue tips on her hair.
    9. Ear rings. Nothing else
    10. One or two small tattoos are fine (as long as they are cute or sexy ones), but if they are more than one or two, and display dark images, then it is a turn off. I prefer no tattoos.
    11. Pale or fair. This one is important beause tan turns me off
    12. I prefer white. Asian is good too, as long as she has really light skin. Half white, half Asian looks best. But that is rare (its my current crush's race).
    13. Bust as in the length of her shoulders? I like a slimmer one. If you mean boobs size, then i don't care as long as there is something to grab. And i don't like boobs that are too big because they are saggy.
    14. I like her to be average weight with slight curves. Not the typical "curvy" the media displays.
    15. The absolute ideal height would be 5'0, because she would be short enough that i can rest my chin on her head when we cuddle. But i would date anyone from 4'10 to 5'8.
    16. Moles turn me off. But marks and scars are ok as long as they are small.
    17. I think girls look better with eyeliner, but no other makeup. If i thought she looked better with eyeliner, I'd tell her that eyeliner makes her looks really cute.
    18. I guess trendy? I like girls who wear somewhat dark clothes. Example: Dark jeans with a flannel shirt and a black beanie, or a tight skirt with a leather jacket and a choker. That type of style.
    19. Yes, please shave all of it besides your hair and eyebrows.
    20. Yes, it is required that she has a thin waist, good looking stomach, wide hips, and round, tight ass. A hip to waist ratio of 0.6 is perfect. And anyone can get a round, tight ass by doing squats.

  • 1) If you're talking about light brown, then brown. If you're talking about dark brown, then either blue or brown.

    2) Like I said in 1, I like light brown. In the case of blue, I'd prefer deep dark blue, but I think such eyes don't exist.

    3) Either one.

    4) Medium.

    5) Lighter highlights look good sometimes.

    6) Straight hair is my favorite, but I like wavy and curly if it is well taken care of.

    7) I don't have a favorite hair color, let alone a favorite shade of such a color.

    8) I prefer natural hair, but yes, sometimes dyed hair looks good.

    9) They can be nice.

    10) Tattoos and piercings may look good, especially when she has a SuicideGirls style.

    11) Pale.

    12) I prefer pale white girls over white girls, and a little bit dark-skinned over white (not pale white) and over very dark-skinned. I have no preference between pale white girls and a bit dark-skinned girls.

    13) Not overly large, but I like big breasts.

    14) I like all three, just not very skinny (as in not having one little curve in her body) or fat.

    15) Shorter is better. I like to feel like the protective man.

    16) Depends. The Joker's scar on her lips could be a turn-off, for instance.

    17) I wouldn't subtly hint it; I would tell her that she looks very very good with makeup.

    18) All of those styles are good, except the trendy one. Trends tend to be ridiculous.

    19) Yes, especially legs and armpits. The vagina looks good with a little strip of hair, or with trimmed hair, just not really hairy!

    20) Thin neck would be a good plus.

  • green eyes
    not dark, not light tone
    light brown
    like lighter highlights in hair color
    curly hair is sexy but i prefer straight one
    caramel brown
    yes, i like dyed hair..
    body peircing are cool
    as for tatoo, back and chest tatoo for a girl is a bee killer hhhhhh.. so hot ! they should big tatoos
    fair, i guess
    i prefer the hot cute girls race lmao..
    athletic body type, i think :)
    moles and marks and all the is a big issue
    i wouldn't hint that she should often wear make up.. i'd prefer to see her face clean.. all what id want her to have for all the make up sometimes are, red lipsticks and dark eye shadows..
    i would like her to wear, sporty, elegant and girly
    hehe oh welli really dont want my girlfriend nor my dream girls to have any kind of body hair ! they all should have a clear skin like a mirrior !
    and foryour last question, i d like her to be so healthy and have a perfeect body.. missing nothing ! cause she's a dream girl not your neighboor hhhh

  • Brown
    Lighter in blue, dark and light in brown are both cool.
    Fine, but not preferred
    White, (I'm not racist, it's just what I'm most attracted to)
    Curvy or at least a soft-thin
    They're fine, though if they were on her face they'd be harder to overlook
    Leg/Armpits yes, otherwise as long as it's not gorilla level
    She's cute, but large hips and a nice rear would be great.

    • Thanks for your answers and time!

  • 5. none.
    6. straight!
    8. no...
    9. no...
    11. not too pale or too tan
    12. no comment
    13. just not too large...
    20. good skin...

    I try not to be too picky :)

  • Blue eyes light blue, black, hair, straight hair, smaller bust, pierced belly, height 5'6 pale skin, trendy clothes i like a bush,. That was alright, now the problem! Where is she?😊

    • Haha, if I had the power to make her for you, I would man.

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    • Close but wouldn't trade her for anything,

    • Good boy!

  • 1. Brown 2. Lighter 3. Brown 4. Short 5. None 6. Curly 7. Variations of brown 8. Sure 9. No 10. Acceptable
    11. Tan 12. No 13. Open 14. Slim 15. Open 16. No 17. No 18. Open 19. Open 20. None

    • Thank you for answering all of them!

  • Bright blue eyes, dark brown or black hair, pale skin, about 5'5", white, smaller boobs, slim or athletic, smaller butt, no body hair, hispter chick outfits.

    • Thanks for your time!

  • Hahahaha 20 questions?

    • S-SHH. Just answer the ones you want to, not all of them you silly butt.

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    • Oh, it was just a finishing comment because you complied... (that sounds crazy)

    • Mmmm I see :))