I hate being very very hairy guy. Is epilator a great option to become normal smooth human being?

I am very very hairy guy and i absolutly hate it. It makes me feel like a beast unworhty and undeserving of women and inferior to other less hairy men and smooth women who seem to be more evolved evolutionary than i am.
What if i buy an epilator to become like a normal human being with less / nno body hair, although this would be a very temporary solution.
Is it feasible to use epilator on my whole body? Is it ok and gives nice results?


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  • I can't tell if this is a troll (no pun intended) or not.
    But, if you aren't there are lots of women out there that think body hair is sexy (myself included). I'd rather a hairy guy than guys that are totally shaved. Though, trimming never hurts anyone.

    • no way ma'am , its not a troll at all. I actually AM realy hairy like furry :-/ even on weird places meant to be hairless. I seriously wish i was normal or maybe tota smooth naturally :-)
      Trimming gets pricky esp the torso hair which is very coarse hurts myself :-(

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    • Because I don't want to think about him that way. I feel like looking at it would be the equivalent of sizing up your sister's boobs :P
      And yeah, he is
      The hair isn't really thicker than my pubes, but it is darker.
      And when I say "Can be" I mean it as not everyone looks good with it. Same as not everyone looks good with blonde hair, etc. But I almost always find it attractive on men. And yeah, doing it by yourself would be tough!

    • mind answering here?

      http //www girlsaskguys com/health-fitness/q1580016-how-to-feel-that-i-am-normal-not-curse

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  • I'm practically hairless aside from normal places I bet I get more comments normally asking if I shave or wax. I have two hairs on my nipples and apart from my pits that's it for the chest and back areas. Dude shair the hair!

    • WOW dude.. awesome lucky dude!
      dom't even wish for more body hair, i wish i was smooth like a woman! :-)

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    • sorry? didn't get your point here?

    • Hairless like a woman sucks, on a good note it may pass on to my daughter and she will be grateful for the gene or lack thereof

  • Sure... get an epilator... they HURT

    • but do they do their job well?

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    • lols dude am not going to epilate my scrotum!! am waay to considered about making my other body parts normal and appealing... who is going to see my scrotum! lols

    • you said your WHOLE body. I was just warning you... guy at the gym got his caught in an epilator... ouch!

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