Was the waitress eyeing me up?

I was out for a meal with friends last night and the restaurant we went to wasn't very busy at all.

However, when I ordered my meal the waitress who would be ages with me gave me a massive smile and said 'what would you like to eat?' I told her then she went off and processed the order.

When she was clearing plates away off our table afterwards, she again kept glancing at me and smiling. I noticed her glancing for periods of time from behind the bar during the evening.

Anyway, as we were leaving afterwards, the waitress held the door open for us all and I was second out the door when she said 'cheerio' and without a lie, looked directly into my eyes and briefly down towards my mouth then at my eyes again and gave a huge smile to me.

Could she have fancied me as she kept glancing? Even my fellow diner said 'she was giving you the eye matey!'


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  • I'm a waitress. While she could just the playing it up for tips she could have thought you were cute or something. We aren't robots, we are attracted to people. When waitresses finally get a cute guest who is their age and possibly single of course they are going to flirt. It ups the tip and maybe they can meet someone interesting. When you said she was glancing at you from the bar she was probably checking the table to see if you all needed anything. We get paranoid about our tables, when you go out to eat you are constantly being watched lol.

    The instance at the door is obviously after you have tipped her so there is hope. Head back there sometime and try to see her again and see what happens.


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  • Yep, she was def grilling you.


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  • I would definitely say she was giving you the eye but so do strippers and both give you the eye because they make a living off tips. My little sister first job was as a waitress and she applied for Greeter but and I quote was told " you are very beautiful you should be a waitress you'll get a lot of tips" by the manager and there you have it she went from greeter to waitress. Think from her position she gets your number that night you and your friends are now obligated to drop the big tip cause hey that's how she makes her living and you asked for the number, its the least you can do. She makes money by how nice she is. Her just doing her job which is being nice plus a person you see interested in you and you get a lap dance oh sorry you get a waitress who spotted a big tip. but hey she was there you still should have tried to talk to her.

  • Hell yea you should have gotten her number what were you thinking was she hot?

  • she was waiting for a good tip you cheapo

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