What kind of prom dresses do guys like?

What would a guy like better a long dress or a short one? What colors?


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  • Ok so it All depends on your personality and what you like but if you want to stand out

    You need to wear a bright color prom dress not black, gray or silver...

    You want it to be Puffy not flat because it won't look like a prom dress if its flat.

    If You're Skinny, go for something fitted in satin or another fabric that shows off your body shape.

    If you have a good butt lol excuse me and great legs you should get a short dress by a designer like Sherri Hill.

    If you're a girly girl and want to feel like a princess you should get a pink prom dress or light blue prom dress.

    I've also learned the following fashion tips for prom dresses:

    If its too short its not going to look like a dress.

    If its too flat its not going to look like a prom dress unless its a really good one

    If its too revealing its gunna make you look like you're trying too hard

    and don't get a dress that's not short and not long because if its between ur ankle and ur knee it's going to make you look really short!

    and Get a dress that's a bright color not black or any color close to it don't get white either it's not a wedding if you want something close to white get a really light pink.

    But remember your dress has to be the same color as your date so talk about the color together if he picks a color that's not what you want don't get it because the tie is only 1/10 of his body so it's your decision! if you don't like it say no

    and if you get a dress or if he gets a tie that's like for example lime green take a picture of it know what the color is so the color doesn't get mixed up.

    kk Good Luck :D


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  • I looked at some with my friend a few days ago. Don't do dark colors if you're a white person, it makes your skin appear pale. If black, don't do white. Warm colors go good for any girl at the prom, just be sure to shop with your date/escort so y'all can color coordinate together.

  • I think proms are like weddings. The type of dress should be chosen by the girl along with the color if you want the guy to match.

  • Long dresses are pretty but short prom dresses are sexy. I like it both ways but to a prom it should be long.

  • Personally I like a dress to be about ankle length with black or light blue


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  • Something with a funky pattern! One girl at my grad wore a blue and yellow funky design dress. It was different, but also looked really classy. I like a bronze/gold, black but with a unique design (ie. Funky shoulder, may have lace, or shiny in some places). A dark royal purple also looks very nice. It should be really flowy.

    Fashion accessories are a must! You keep the entire dress really simple and then add funky and unique fashion accessories.

  • My prom dresses were long-short-long.

    My dates liked them all and so did I! I don't think the length matters as much as the fit and style!

    I think the biggest thing is to make sure the dress is comfortable so you can eat, walk, dance, and just enjoy the evening without all the time fussing with your clothes.

    Oh, BTW, pay for good shoes.

  • I went to prom last year my boyfriend liked the poofy prom dresses so I got a long one that was poofy. My dress was like a light teal. He said the green ones were pretty and also yellow