Girls, how is Vince Vaughn better than Brad Pitt?

Okay, I have heard this all too often, when women compare Brad pitt to vince Vaughn on who is more attractive to them. Most of the women say Vince Vaughn is more attractive or they would rather date Vaughn than Pitt.

How is this possible? Vince Vaughn has a goofy average looking face and he's chubby, Brad is fit and has an attractive face.

Please tell me how this is possible? of the women who like Vince better, what the hell is going through your mind? how the f*** would Vince be regarded by any woman as being better looking than brad?

By the way. when I say women tend to regard Vince as more attractive than Brad, I'm talking about their physical attractiveness...they think Vince for some reason is more physically attractive. This observation is mind boggling
I'm not talking about their personalities, only their looks are being considered in the comparison, yet women tend to choose Vince over


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  • He's not. I don't know who the hell is saying that! To me Vince seems sloppy and average compared to Brad. Actually Brad is not my type either, he's very attractive, but doesn't do it for me. Well he was fine as hell in Fight Club, he was my type in that movie. But I think some women are probably attracted to the PERCEPTION of Vince. He has that average, couch potato beer drinking swag and probably makes them feel comfortable. Also he is funny (well I don't think he's funny but some do). Humor and the way a guy makes you feel (or the way he seems since none of us know either of them) can go along way in physical attraction. Since Brad is so sexy he might make those women feel self conscious or something

    • So how can the same person admit guy X is "very attractive, and than edmit that this person doesn't do it for you? I'm talking about you btw.

      so what does it for you? ugly men? how can you prefer ugly men?

    • I find plenty of people attractive who don't do it for me. and she agreed with you :S

      although I disagree with her theory. I don't see how a cough potato would make me feel comfortable, while I'd be self-conscious with someone hotter. that's a pretty flawed theory, at least for me..

    • I prefer a different type of attractiveness. While Pitt is attractive, I'm not really into blonde hair, light eyes pretty boy types. So I can see how a lot of women go crazy over him, but I wouldn't drop my panties for him myself...As for the couch potato theory, you know how if you're with someone who isn't that attractive you feel better about your looks in comparison? That type of thing. But with a hot gorgeous guy you have to step up.

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  • for most girls at least, including myself, personality cannot be separated from looks. when I look at physical attractiveness I also look at clothes and any other indication that person is not a douche.

    i understand why you say brad pitt is more attractive. if I had to be completely objective and go strictly based on looks, fine. brad pitt is more attractive. before the whole beard look. I don't know wtf that is but he looks like he's some old pothead from the 60s.

    otherwise, I go with vince vaughn 100%. I can't give a complete description why but there has always been something about vince vaughn...

  • I'm a girl who falls into the category you mentioned, Mr_is_Fine. On a purely physical level, my body says "yes" when I look at Vince rather than Brad. Brad has more of the pretty cutesy look that I associate with girls, and I'm just not attracted to other girls. I'm not saying that he's a girly guy in real life, that's just a pure first impression.

    I would add Vincent Donofrio and Greg Grunberg to that list of attractive guys. One of the reasons is that these guys are mostly half a foot taller than Brad, with much broader shoulders, wider backs, thicker chests, which strikes me as more masculine. Even when guys of this physical type slim down, they will never be skinny. They always look more muscular and bulky. Their larger frames can carry a little more extra weight, which comes across as strong and burly rather than fat. I think some women are attracted to their solid builds/frames because they project strength even when covered by a little chubbiness. in my opinion, in a panty-drop test, powerful wins over pretty every time.

  • Strictly based on looks, both are really attractive, but I'm a dark-haired-guy kind of girl, so Vaughn gets me more than Pitt does. Plus, I think Pitt's attractiveness is kind of over-rated (not to mention he's been sporting that weird pirate beard lately). Speaking of pirate beards, I never understood Johnny Depp is he the sexiest man alive?

    • Yeah, this is what I'm talking about. How the f*** would you prefer vince over pitt? like the other chick said, he's a fat sloppy couch potato type. You say you prefer dark har, well how is Dark haired & fat/sloppy/averagelooking > light haired & fit/attractive face (Brad pitt)....this makes no sense! why would a woman choose uglyness over attractiveness when looks are the only thing being considered in the decision?

    • Haha yikes somebody's getting a little defensive. You asked for an opinion so I gave it....and opinion's vary: that's how someone could choose so-called "uglyness over attractiveness."

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  • Really, Brad Pitt kind of looks like a douche.

  • Personality. A six pack can't make you laugh but humour can make you more attractive.

    • Okay, the comparison was based on their looks...personality has absolutely nothing to do with what I am asking.

      Im asking why women consider Vince Vaughn more physically attractive than brad pitt....

      please learn to read

    • Personality influences physical attraction - get that into your head.

    • No, I don't let bullsh*t get into my head

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