Is there thong underwear for male children below age 10 as well? The ones that show the butt in a sexy way? Basically a thong bikini?

I want my future wife and me with my future sons or daughters to wear a thong with me at the beach because I want them to be comfortable in their own skin and to not care what other people think especially American women oh I h*te them anyway um do u know where I could buy them and please NO Hating or rude comments your not wearing it so don't worry about it?


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  • You might have to make those yourself.

    While I don't go shopping for little boys clothes, I think if this existed, I'd have seen it, either being mocked or lauded on Facebook by now.

  • No, and here's why. Thongs aren't comfortable. Women wear them to look sexy or avoid panty lines, not because they like how they feel. It's literally designed to give you a wedgie. And for the love of God, why do you want little boys wearing sexy bathing suits? And why type the word um in your question, you aren't required to type everything you think. Wearing exposing clothes that young will probably make children even more likely to have body image issues.


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