Hey guys, what makes a girl hot in your opinion?

Slim? Long hair? A specific hair/eye color? Nice teeth? Good laugh? Funny? Confident?

What personality traits, what outfits, what appearance.

What do you think makes a girl her hottest?


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  • The best of everything, with some additional human flaws to make her realistic.

    That doesn't mean "Reasonably slim" .. That means "Model Potential or higher"..

    That doesn't mean "Has personality".. That means "Has a great personality"

    That doesn't mean "Has straight teeth".. That means "has clean, straight teeth"


    Areas that are most attractive:

    1) Personality (Banter, Flirting, Teasing, Comedy, etc)

    2) Body (Hair, Abs, arms, legs, butt, breasts, etc)

    3) Face (Nose, mouth, teeth, ears, piercings, tongue, etc)

    4) Hygene (Odor, Appearance, Effort, etc)

    5) Style (Behavior... The way she: Walks, Talks, interracts, etc)


    More things to try:

    - Be willing to try new things or opportunities

    - Do not be worried or fearful

    - Do not be self-defeating / "don't beat yourself up"

    - Do not be a bitch / (or in guy terms.. cocky)

    - Do not whine, bitch or complain


    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Having a great body helps, but there are some girls I've seen that are maybe a 6-7, but seem a lot hotter just because of how they carry themselves.

  • I think that what makes a girl hot in my opinion is her personality and if me and her click sure you can be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen but if I don't like your personality or if we don't click then you just go down on the scale.

  • Confidence, good hygiene, neat, and not completely out of shape..

  • your asking what makes a girl hot so don't get mad when I answer this lol. hair to shoulder, nice boobs, and nice butt


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