What should I use on my crispy ass dry hair?

It's gotten so long. I'm not going to cut any off (I know some will comment that I need a trim) so I was wondering what I could buy to help? Brands and products specifically would be appreciated. Something low budget hopefully but willing to spend a little more possibly.


What should I use on my crispy ass dry hair?


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  • Went through the same thing as you when I wanted ridiculously long hair. I use leave in conditioner instead of regular conditioner. It won't make it healthy again but it will make it somewhat less of a desert.
    Honestly, I know you said not to say this but trim it if even only a little. I was stubborn about cutting my hair (reached my lower back) and it got so dry and broken despite taking care of it that it looked disgusting. Regular healthy long hair looks so much better than ridiculously long unhealthy hair. It's just not attractive. Speaking from experience.

    • I was avoiding the obvious :p damn.. guess I should just get a little trim. But I'm doing it myself. When I go to hair places for a "trim" they seem to like to hack off more than I asked for. I've used leave in conditioner but find it makes my hair really greasy even if I only use a small amount. Do you know a product that's good? I might try a hot oil treatment I dunno

    • I use Mon Platin hair mask. Its the best one I've ever tried, not greasy at all. I'd still go to a hair salon because they can do a better job. Also avoid heat products obviously and try biotin. I used it and it made my hair grow pretty fast. Plus it's safe because if you "overdose" you pee the excess out. It's safe but do your research still

    • I ended up just buying a leave in spray it's L'Oreal creme something it seems to already be helping

  • Argain oil girl, that stuff is Magic And yeah cutting off a bit not a bad idea, just when You cut it start with argain oil to prevent this shit from happening again

  • Give it a protein treatment, hot oil treatment and deep condition it once in a while. Regularly condition and oil your hair, but not excessively.


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