Hair Wax: Anyone know how to pick one that doesn't look wet?

I want hair wax, i'm a noob and entirely new to it. My hair usually becomes a huge mess when it gets longer.

What hair way looks dry when used like this

Hair Wax: Anyone know how to pick one that doesn't look wet?

Basically I know there are different types of hair gel or wax or whatever it is. Some make it greasy to the touch i think. some are clumping, some are hard.

My preference is one that shapes and stays like the one above without looking wet or greast and clumping


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  • Gatsby is a popular brand and has a variety different versions. If you want the dry look get the grey one.

    • I don't live in an English speaking country so the brands aren't English . So i really need to know the type more

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    • Oh maybe so but there are only national brands here. It's difficult to find none national ones let alone specific ones

    • Check any beauty supply store. Don't go to a local drug mart. :) hope this helps since I get all my products from those stores... I am a hairstylist afterall

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  • I been wondering the same thing mate haha can't find anything to do my hair that doesn't make it look wet or even worse gresey