Swollen upper lip after waxing?

I waxed my upper lip (first time. I used strip wax) and I applied the moisturizer after. Now it's red but it's alright, I'm going to sleep anyway and the sting is bearable, but I'm really, really worried about my swollen upper lip! It's annoying and noticeable, and it would be really embarrassing if people see it. It's so obvious because it only appeared on the right side of my top lip.

What do I do? What do I do to make it go away?

What causes this? Is this natural or did I do something wrong?

How long does this last?

I have school the day after tomorrow and I hope it's gone by then. I really need help, please. Thank you so much!


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  • Did you pull the skin behind the wax taught before ripping the strip off? Generally major swelling will be because the skin pulled up as the wax was ripped off.
    That or you've had an allergic reaction to the wax. I'd apply ice for 10min every few hours and if you have any aloe gel gently pat a small amount in

  • Apply ice. Consider using a flicker/razor daily instead of wax.


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