Challenge Men to shave legs wear pantyhose and platform high heels for 3 months n see how a girls feels when we ask to wear them ! ?

Guys are always asking or wanting to see girls in dresses, pantyhose/ tights platform high heels... I like to challenge all guys to do this for 3 months... a girl once said if you want me to wear them you wear them n if you can wear them , no problem then I'll wear them.. in the beginning hose heels n among other types of wear men wore them first ! , before girls took over n became a women's item to wear... it's only fair to a girl to wear them n appreciate what they wear if we're willing to do that for them in which we ask!!! N I've done it before n had no problems at all !


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  • How thoughtful, enlightened and sensitive you are, but 3 months? You're a hard man! It's not necessary, but if a guy felt like doing that for me, I would appreciate it and enjoy seeing it. Something about a guy in drag is cute and kind of sexy, especially if he is somewhat passable.
    However, as a girl , I can say that I don't mind wearing heels, hose and shaving my legs. I wear hosiery and high heels almost daily and rather enjoy it.

    • I dress up for ya,... there's a lot of guys that don't appreciate what all girls wears for guys... n if any guys does try it they give after a few min if that n done but once their feet adjust to the heels an walking in them ( which takes time ) then they can appreciate more so hence 3 months...

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    • Do you go out dressed, or is that just for private time?

    • If the girl wants me to wear n public yes otherwise I do it in the home but I have wore it n public as well as wear leggings as well !

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  • I like all that kinda stuff, but the heels don't sound that appealing to me. I'm not talking about wearing them myself😂.
    I like dresses, pantyhose, tights etc.


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  • I love to wear pantyhose and tights

  • There are tights for man. No big deal.


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