What do boys mean by Cute, Sweet, Sexy, Fit, Pretty, Hot?

Scenario #1: I joke around or say something and my boy mates say "aw your so cute" or "aw your so sweet." And when we go out as a group they say "you look really cute" or "you look pretty today" (not trying to be vain :P). I know some of these guys used to fancy me, but I was just wondering what the terms in the question title mean...?

Scenario #2: were at oxford street and some girls walk past, so the boys say "whoa she's fit" "hot bod" "look at those c cups" "nice bum" "wolf whistle" etc. etc. :)

So I was just wondering what the terms mean when boys say them...? Can a girl be fit AND cute or sexy AND sweet? And does it depend on how well you know the person as well e.g. does her personality have a lot to do with it?

Thanks! :) x


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  • Ok my throw down is like this

    Cute=You're crushing on her and want to go out with her, he wouldn't call you baby cute because the only girls that could be that kind of cute are babies

    Sweet= She's a sweet girl with a nice personality, he'll make it known if he's into if he says your sweet because sometimes guys might say that to let you down gently, unless he's your bff then he just thinks your sweet

    sexy=f**kable, simplest answer

    fit= the chavs say Fit means attractive, I say it means she works out and has a good body

    pretty=you look alright but not dating material unless a guy says really pretty, then he's into you

    Hot= genreally really attractive is the best way to put it.

    That's my five cents on the matter


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  • Cute is like a little sister, sweet just means you have a nice personality (more like a child though), sexy means you want to sleep with them, fit means your body is muscular, pretty means you look decent, hot means you look like a sex object (probably no personality though)


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