Why do women wear baseball caps?

It is a most universally sloppy look no matter when it's worn, or who it's worn by. You might as well be wearing a neon sign on your head that says, "I just rolled out of bed, and I'm too lazy to spend any time to look good." Please ditch the baseball caps ladies, they do you absolutely no favors. Plus... how unfeminine, right?


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  • I don't see it as that. I used to wear it when I was 5-8 y/o because I looked cute, and enjoyed the compliments I got, and also because the actress I admired used to wear those hats in certain movies.

    But then I stopped 'cause somehow hats stopped suiting me.

    If it's an everyday thing, it would get "annoying" but now and then is convenient, especially in the summer; and windy days as well/

    I love it on guys thought.

    • Okay when you were a kid, of course it may have looked cute. I'm not talking about little girls. But at least by high school it should become obvious that caps make ya look sloppy and lazy.

    • and it gives you slang : D
      but tbh some girls pull it off, meaning they look adorable and neat; the only time they would look sloppy is if they are dressing sloppy; like too many layers; etc

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  • Are you kidding? Women wearing baseball caps is such a sexy look!

    Also, you're a guy.. you probably spend 5 minutes max on your appearance every day. You have no business saying that girls are "too lazy to spend any time to look good." Sometimes we don't feel like putting any effort in and that's okay!

  • fdlkgdsfjgfds holy shit dude you're doing this again. Take Nietzsche out of your avatar I swear to god you are bringing nothing but shame to him

    • Now what's the issue? Damn you're sensitive. Aren't you from the UK? They shouldn't even have baseball caps over there in the first place. Smh. I might have to look into imposing some tariffs or trade restrictions on that shit.

  • For there man!

  • What if I'm at a baseball game?

    • Please let us see your gorgeous feminine flowing locks instead. It should be a win-win situation. 😃

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    • @rgb008 Wow! Both a big and brave call! Think you can pull it off? lol

    • @AndrewMG @rgb008 Oh dear god, I hate cowboy hats even more. They need to be outlawed for both sexes. So ridiculous. But I give props to Borat... if anybody could rock one, he can. Lol.

  • Same reason guys do I wold imagine.


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