Are thigh gaps attractive?

in my personal opinion, i don't find them attractive like one bit but u can't control your body. i just prefer girls with a good amount of meat on their bones. curvy girls. what are your thoughts?

When i said meat on their bones i didn't mean plus sized of buff lmao. i thought people knew what a curvy girl looked like. Curvy is beyonce or kylie jenner
so i guess the app chose a pic without my knowing. Let me be more specific, when i say thigh gay i mean the one that goes down to the knees. plenty of girls have little thigh gaps and their thighs still connect (mee) so the girl in the pic they chose is not an example of what im talking about


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  • It depends on the girl. Though 'down to the knees' is normally okay but probably would look better a little thicker, but not necessarily.

    Thigh gap is not just a function of thigh shape, but also heavily how widely spaced the hip joints are. For girls with wide set hip joints, they need to be... a little overweight to not have a gap. For some girls with closer set hips, they need to be way underweight to have one.

    Thigh gaps don't matter. Have nice thighs, be a healthy weight the end.

  • Thick thighs are my preference. It's actually pretty hot, girls with thick thighs kill it in skirts and dresses

  • Yeah, unless there's a huge gap. I don't care if there's a gap or not

  • are you gay? if so thats why you like beefy girls because they resemble guys lol. i love thigh gaps and it makes sex a lot more convineint lol

    • um no. beefy girls? no. i said curvy. i like girls with the same shape as me and im tiny. little waste, thick thighs. its more appealing however, all girls are lovely and im bisexual

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    • sorry i didn't see that lol

    • its fine lmao


    They can be attractive. "Can" is the word to take note here because not all thigh gaps are attractive.

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  • I think that depends who you ask :) i personally prefer no gap.

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  • They look good on some people. Not everyone suits it or has one. I don't like that you used Kylie Jenner as an example of curvy... pumped full of silicone you mean. It's an insult to real curvy women.

    • she's a big icon and i didn't jist want to use black celebrities because they are the only ones i can think of with actual curves

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    • I second this ^

    • @desidoll 😄👌

  • Most people don't seem to care too much one way or another. I'm not fat but naturally carry the fat I do have in my thighs and build muscle easily there, so I will never have a gap. I would like to have a gap, but realize it's not possible for me and don't spend much time stressing over it these days.

  • kylie jenner is the result of surgery... but okay. well personally im pretty tall and thin and have a noticeable thigh gap, but i also have the advantage of lovely curves so. as long as someone is healthy

    • it doesn't matter if its surgery lol she's still curvy. and i agree

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    • 💕💕💕💕

    • much love hun xx

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