Girls, Quick survey on thong panties. I'm new to wearing it and would appreciate girl to girl answers. How do you wear thongs?

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So I'm 16 and just started to wear thongs but don't know how they're supposed to fit. And I would like to ask the questions in this quick server. You can choose to DM the answers or comment it! thanks! :D

Survey Question 1: How do you wear it?
A.) Put it through both legs and pull it up
B.) Put it and both legs, pull it up and sit/squat
C.) Other - please describe

Survey Question 2: How deep does it go for you?
A.) Leave it on the outside
B.) Leave it in the middle
C.) Let it all the way in (on anus)
D.) After putting it on just go about your day and let it in wherever
E.) Other - please describe

Question 3: Do you feel the string in the back after an hour or 2?
A.) I always feel it
B.) Yes
C.) No - Quicker or Slower?
D.) Other - please describe

Question 4: Say you wake up in the morning and have to go run errands but it's going to take miles of walking and you've only wore a thong once or twice (and you always feel the string in the back), would you recommend wearing it?
A.) Yes
B.) No

Question 5: How long did it take you to get used to it?

Question 6: Do you ever get wet or so when you see hot guys or girls while wearing thongs?

and that'll be it, thanks :>


Most Helpful Girl

  • A, B, C usually forget about it immediately,

    at the end of the day if outta unconfortable for you don't do it

    • Does it end on top of your anus usually when going through your day?

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What Girls Said 4

  • A, D, no I never feel it, if you're not comfortable in thongs don't wear it for long periods of time, I'm in spandex like 90% of my life for volleyball so like only a couple of times, and no lol

  • Question 1-A
    5- 2-3 days

  • I never wear thongs. Thongs are uncomfortable

  • You can't be serious


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