Girls, What kind of hairstyle to you prefer on a black guy?

I've tried many different styles over the years, but now that I'm in my mid 20s, I feel like I should find a style and stick with it. I tend to like having more hair than usual.

I'm really open to anything though. I've tried very short styles, afros, relaxed, hawks, and even straightened rock style (teens). Now I have more hair on top and some on the side. But I think I can do something more interesting.

So yeah, what kind of hairstyle do you actually like on a black guy?


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  • Although i like black guys iv never been a fan of their hair. I don't know if its racist but i find cornrolls and afros too thuggish and messy. If i had to say, i prefer bald / a number 1 buzz cut. I do like big Afros although, but they have to be clean looking and well shaped.

    • It's actually quite racist. Afro's aren't messy or thuggish. There's way more care put into maintain afro's than most other hair styles/textures. Calling it messy and thuggish is an insult.

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    • taco you have sympathy here. it must be awful to be that angry inside on a daily basis.

    • @goddess87 No one's angry. Just because I pointed out that what she said was wrong doesn't make me angry, it just mean's I'm not caping for someone's offensive comments like you're doing now. It must be awful to be so lacking in reading comprehension skills on a daily basis.

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    • I like the style in your first picture! I might do something a little different, but something like that looks clean and manageable :) Thanks

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  • The oldies peplum hairstyle. Will I call it peplum. low fade, pompadour, and quiff. But not the disconnected ones. Plus with mustache, mutton chops, and a beard.

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